YouTube makes me so unproductive

YouTube makes me so unproductive

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I have to just put it out there now. YouTube makes me so unproductive. It’s a statement I just had to admit to. Something I’ve known for a while now.

The problem is…

The problem is that there is some fantastic content out there. I like to use YouTube, like most, to learn new things. It makes it easy with the video step by step guide. You can also find some great vlogs out there (though, some of you reading this may also know this and produce some). I myself do have a YouTube Channel.

It’s a fantastic way to share content as well as to consume content. It takes some time to produce the video content, edit it and get it right – though that’s, not the part that makes me unproductive.

It’s the great content.

So, I start watching one video

The problem is this. I start watching a vlog, or a video on a subject I am interested in or learning (currently its stuff like wild camping). I watch one and its great. Then on the right-hand side is the link to other video content I may enjoy. Too right it is.

So, I select one of those videos and watch that. Then on the right-hand side are move videos – you get where I am coming from.

Two hours later… And then on the righthand side are some move videos I may be interested in…

It’s time for a schedule

To fix this problem we need to create a schedule. I/we need to only allow a small amount of time to view YouTube, as a treat to completing something, such as a new blog post. Personally, I need to fit in some of the video training stuff I am doing with Udemy (that’s an affiliate link by the way) also, as I have a few training courses on some great stuff. They have so many things to learn there. A good schedule will allow time for all this.

Certainly, I want to be more productive in my content creation, I need to cut down on other stuff. I need to be creating video and blog content over watching some fantastic and viewable content on good old YouTube. So, fitting it all in a daily schedule will allow me to refocus, you too if you suffer from this problem also.

What about you?

Do you find yourself also drawn into the world of watching video above being productive? If so, or if you did, what do you do to make sure you produce the content or do the jobs you need to rather than watching video?

Let me know in the comments below.

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