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Why we moved to the coast

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I thought I would share with you all the reason why we moved down to the coast. To be honest, it was more me pushing that my wife but over time I won her over.

You see, this isn’t my first time living down on the South Coast. In the late 1990’s (97-99) I shared a flat just down the road a little way in Bournemouth. I lived there for around a year and a half until moving back up to Reading. So I knew the bonus benefits we could get over living in Bracknell, Berkshire; which is where we were living before here.

Beach day

Beach day

The convincing

So, it took me a number of years to really convince my wife. The main worry for her is that she was leaving her friends and family. That said, towards the end of our time in Bracknell, we never really saw many of her old (or mine) friends. So, over the period of a year or two, we talked.

A year before we actually moved I had a job lined up. We were all set but for the fact that my wife was pregnant with our youngest. She just didn’t want to move her experience of delivery to a new hospital and so I turned down that job and we stayed.

Almost a year later I actually had a job offer from the same company again. Not quite the same department, but it was because of the people that offered me the previous job – that I got this one. So I accepted and we started planning.

The commute

It actually took us 6 months, in the end, selling and buying. The selling – well the offers came in quick for our old house. After around 2 and half months on first accepted offer though it fell through. The guy’s buyer fell through so he had to. That said, we sold again within 1 day.

I had been commuting for 3 months at that point, and by the time we moved it had been 6 months. The commute was 80 miles each way so you can imagine I was happy. Even so, the benefit of moving here far outweighed my commute time and distance.

Finally here

The sea

The sea

So, 6 months after starting we moved. That was 3 and half years ago now. Since moving here a lot of things have happened such as our son’s Autism diagnosis. In fact, it worked out that this is the best place we could have been regarding that – we have family back in Berkshire and they were on something like an 18-month waiting list to see someone to talk about putting their child in for observation and possible diagnosis. For us, though it took less than 6 months and then once we had that we have had so many things available and support.

Obviously, this wasn’t the reason for the move as we did not know of his ASD at that point. The reason I wanted us to move is that of all the positive environmental things.

For example, for a start, there is a beach just down the road. Well, more than one. We moved to Poole, Dorset which, although is a harbour town – there are a few beaches in 10 minutes drive.

I also find that the air is fresher. Reading and Bracknell didn’t really have any big industry, not like where I grew up which was down the road from a big drop forging factory. The air here is fresher, you can feel it. It’s the same with most coastal towns though – just fresh air from off the sea.

Of course, that brings negatives. I don’t think it’s so much true these days, but back in the 90’s the cars used to rust a bit quicker. Probably due to the salt air. At least all the cars I owned did.

What I really like though

Wood on the beach

Wood on the beach

All said and done. The beach is just down the road, but you are not always there. It’s not a matter of moving to the coast and always on the beach because after a while you would get bored. The views are fantastic, it’s lovely to walk down and just sit with the air blowing and looking out.

My all-time favourite though is Christmas day, Boxing day and around that time. It’s quite quiet; not completely, and we just go down to the coast for a long walk next to the beach.Well, depending on the weather of course. Winter times mean that it’s a little quieter and you can just enjoy it. Yes, it’s a bit colder and wetter but still, it’s just perfect for a fresh peaceful walk.

Boxing day beach walk

Boxing day beach walk

On the beach on Boxing Day

On the beach on Boxing Day

Climbing the rocks

Climbing the rocks

This is the reason I wanted to move near the sea. It’s not for the beach or the summers. It’s for those times you can just go down the coast and have a nice, quiet walk with the family.

It also turns out that this is a fantastic place to be with children with disabilities such as ASD as they have great facilities, but that is just a bonus.

That all said, if you asked my daughter what she would miss if we moved back to Berkshire, the answer is always ‘ They don’t have a beach and the sea’. What kids love ah.

Do you live near the sea? Did you have a different reason for moving there? Why not share you story with us in the comments below.


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