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Why I blog for me

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It kind of sounds like a line out of a self-help book, but I’ve come to be enlightened.

I blog for me and want to write in it about the things I enjoy, things that are in my life, and I hope, things that you will enjoy reading.

Where this post came from

Is more of a simple question to answer. So, I first started blogging way back when. It’s probably more than 5 years ago now. May even be 10 the way time is going these days.

I had a free blogger account and used to write posts o thought people would be interested in. After some time though I started to waver and the posts stopped. Those blogs are still an out now.

Quite often I find new blogs these days following that same pattern. They seem to be writing about the in thing or something that doesn’t sit or feel right in how they write it.

I’ve done it. I know how it felt and looked.

So, these days…

So one day I recently came to a conclusion. I will write for me. I write about the things that are currently going through my head; such as this; and often you get a, mostly, the unedited snapshot from my head.

I love it if people find the post interesting. I love people sharing my experience through the posts. But, I mostly love it that I am writing for me and not trying to force posts that are not what I would usually talk about.

Welcome to the slightly edited version of me.


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