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Where does the weekend go?

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I often ask myself…

Where did the weekend go

This weekend was a long weekend, and what I mean by that is that I had Thursday and Friday booked off.

I do this most August weeks. The kids are off school so I like to have short weeks so we can go out, keep them entertained.

This weekend had me doing many things. My car needed a MOT, done. We had a paediatric appointment, for my daughter this time.

We also managed to get some school clothes shopping done already. All the boring tasks that need to be done. We did manage to get out too.

Getting out is so important

For us and our kids, getting out to other places is an important thing. We like to visit places and spend time there exploring.

This weekend we managed to get put to Weymouth and then visit relatives in Reading. We missed the whole crane thing (check out news for this weekend).

Getting out is important and we have more plans for just me and kids this weekend.

So, where did my weekend go

On quite a few things. Was enjoyable. Was exhausting. Overall it was good.

Where did your weekend go? Please comment below.

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