What Will 2019 Bring

What Will 2019 Bring?

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Let me start by saying that this is one of those random, decided to write something with no planning in place.

That said, this being the 1st January 2019 – I’ve been pottering around all day, doing the usual daily jobs (cooking, cleaning, all stuff I do when not working) and i’ve beren thinking. I’ve been thinking “what will 2019 bring?”.

2018 Was A Quick Year

For us, although we had so much going on. Accomplished quite a bit. 2018 was such a quick year to go by. We found ourselves wandering where it had gone. In that, I know we were not the only ones as a few people I know said exactly the same thing.

That said, the accomplishments we did have made have enhanced our being… That’s the only word I can use really ‘being’.

We’ve taken time to try and learn sign along – my wife has been on the course twice now as well as the next level of course.

We’ve found little Mr more responsive to things we say. We’ve found him more inquisitive and we’ve tried to add new things; new challenges to help him grow.

On a personal note, I’ve accepted some things about myself too – one thing of which I need to follow up on.

To detail all the accomplishments, all the things we’ve done, would take too long. I’m sure that each and every one of you reading this post has their own long list of these too.

The one accomplishment I wanted to complete in 2018 (well, originally it was in 2017 too) has still, so far, eluded me. That is, to try and work at least parttime at home – really for my self. Either that’s as an affiliate, blogger, developer, website creator or some other role. That is one goal I am still carrying forward into 2019 – I have to have hope.

So, What About 2019

So, I have a few things I really want to move forward and accomplish this year.

What do I want to accomplish for myself?

As we entered into 2019 I did have some ideas, some plans on things I want to do. For example, I want to continue building out my blow up hot tub affiliate site. I only started this about a month ago after I found myself researching hot tubs for a possible 2019 buy.

Once that is built to a level I want I will look to the next to see what I want to work on. I also want to promote more my freelance and website development skills. I’m also spending some time catching up with learning Python (I’m a C/C++ developer so learning something new).

I really want to push that move into freelance and move to working part time for a company. That’s the goal I have been carrying forward since 2017.

What do we want to help accomplish for little Mr?

It maybe obvious to say that we have lot’s we hope little Mr will accomplish this year, every year in fact.

For example, he is still pre-verbal but we always hold hope each year he will talk or communicate in some manner other than taking us to items he wants.

We’re also continuing he swimming lessons. He loves the water and we want to continue to encourage that with swimming lessons.

We want to get out even more than we do. There are so many fantastic places to visit – which also gives me a reason to get on the camera of course.

What we really want is for him to have an enjoyable year. To grow and learn new things. To explore even more and to have a fun time. That’s all we could hope for.

What about not so little Miss?

Well, the one thing we want to accomplish this year is to push forward with any diagnosis. When we visited her paediatrician last year they believe she has many ASD traits but are unsure if she is high functioning ASD or just over then fence (as she put it) of just many traits and sensory difficulties.

We really want top push forward to understand if some of the thing we experience are because she has ASD or not.

Overall, We Hope It Will Be A Good Year

What we hope is that 2019 will be a good year. There are many things on our list that I have not included. We all have big lists, but all we can hope for is that we have a good year and that, if there are problems they are easy to solve ones.

So, this is me wishing you a good 2019. I also hope you will stick around as I plan to write many new post in 2019, giving all the details of our experiences to share with you.

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