What To Do On The Wet Days

What To Do On The Wet Days

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As we now arrive in October, the weather has taken a down turn and we start to get more wet and windy days. Little Mr, like many kids, loves being out doors. He loves to play in the park, he loves to play in the garden and he loves to just get our for walks.

With the wind and rain hitting us hard – doing these things becomes more difficult. Instead of being able to play out every day, it becomes once every 3 days, 5 day, 1 day on the weekend and so on.

So; what can you do to help ease the stress and frustration that accompanies this lack of getting out? Well, we are still trying to figure that out. We still try and get out as much as possible when possible – but here are the 3 things we do on days that it’s just too horrible outside to get out for a walk.

1. Get out for a drive

I’ve said above that little Mr just loves to get out. He loves nothing more that a good walk around a country park, playing on park swings and climbing and just being out in the fresh air.

However, on days where it is just too wet and windy – we still get out but in the car. We find an hour or so drive around areas where trees and green are help. 

Now, we’re lucky enough to live close enough to the New Forrest to get that green – but if you don’t I’m sure you may know streets that are lined with trees? 

To be honest, he enjoys a drive even if it’s round housing estates as he just enjoys getting out of the house. This alternative means he can see and be out while not actually out walking in the wet and nasty weather.

2. Bring some of the outdoors indoors

So, as well as walking around outdoors – little Mr loves doing certain activities. He loves to play with leaves, pebbles and so on.

There are certain activities we can simulate in doors. We can make pretend leaves out of thin paper. We can use beans as pebbles. We buy some water beads for him to play with in a bowl. 

We look at all the activities he may do other than walking and just think of what we can do as an alternative.

3. Finding places to visit

This may find simple or difficult, but we look for places we can visit for a walk. This could be something like a museum for example or just a shopping mall.

Little Mr had never really liked soft play indoor areas. Your child may love them so that is a great alternative. For us we have to get a little more creative. 

Little Mr does not really enjoy shopping. However, walking round a large shopping mall is something he does enjoy. Just the art of walking around a big space where there are lots of things, and people, to look at.

He also enjoys trying to spot and drag us to the nearest coffee shop he recognises.

Visiting a shopping mall may not be your first choice, well when you not looking to spend money. However, the big open space maybe just enough to fill the need to be outdoors for a walk.

There are other things!

Now, the 3 activities above are not all that we do when stuck indoors on a wet day. The day contains far more activities that these, including play time, music time and much more.

However, the 3 above mentioned activities are our attempts at alternatives to getting out for playtime at the local park and walking around the local country park.

You may find other, better, alternatives that work for you. What it really comes down to is taking a moment, looking at what your children enjoy doing, and then thinking of how you can replicate this indoors.

That is what we did. We know what little Mr, and not so little Miss, enjoy doing outdoors. We know what they enjoy and tolerate indoors. So we have come up with an alternative set of things to do in he wet, colder months.

One thing from the above 3 we would do daily is the drive. That said, the other things we are really grateful of is school. Little Mr loves school and it gives him a place he can do lots of other activities 5 days of the week.

So, your task now is to take out a pen and paper and write down just what activities your children enjoy and then think of the alternative you are going to do.

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