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What board games do you own

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I was thinking back to my youth recently, remembering days of playing out, but also playing board games indoors, which made me ask myself ‘What board games do you own?’.

The answer turned out to be none. As of today, I don’t personally own any board game.

The long answer

That was the short answer. I don’t personally own a board game. However the longer answer is that we have a few board games in our house, all bought for my daughter.

She loved playing them. Well, she still loves playing them. However, YouTube and electronic games have taken over. She only really remembers how much fun they are when we’re playing.

We have a number of fun games. We have Snakes and Ladders (of course), Guess Who, Monopoly, as well as a few others. I don’t want to just have a post with one long list. The point is, we own and do enjoy playing these board games.

The one boardgame we don’t have if you can call it a single game, is one of those old-time compendia. Where you have like 50 (may have exaggerated) games in one box. We used to own one back in the day when I was a young whippersnapper and had so many games we could play. We did, at one point, own one but cardboard doesn’t seem to last today, at least with young kids. So, I am on the lookout for a good wooden based one.

Sunday game time

Electronics seem to have taken over with the kids these days. So, thinking and reminiscing, I came to a conclusion. I am going to attempt to implement a game-time Sunday. Sunday afternoon, after lunch, playing something like dominos or snakes and ladders. Something nice and fun but also quite – a Monopoly session can take too long.

We need to take some time away from the craziness of today’s modern technology and spend some time just chilling; playing some good old fashion board games – or some more modern board games; I really want to play pieface.

So yes, we own board games. We play board games. Let me ask you, what board games do you own? Why not leave a comment below and let me know which ones you love to play.


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