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What bit of technology we find most useful

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Of all the technology we own, TV, Tablet, and more; I was taking some time to think what What bit of technology we find most useful. What technology or item do we use quite a bit and makes our life easier? Ok, so TV would probably come out on top for the most used item, we all watch TV from time to time.

However, I wanted to think beyond that. I wanted to take a moment and think; what piece of technology do we own; that we have bought; specifically to help us and make our family life easier. Something that is now used and what we feel we could not really, at least at the moment, do without.

This may sound boring but…

So, I came to a conclusion. It may be a boring conclusion, it may be a geeky conclusion? So, its actually 2 pieces of technology. The first being the printer; in fact, we recently bought a new Epson XP-645 printer (this is an affiliate link which links to the Epson XP-640 on Amazon; I couldn’t see the XP-645) after our old one died.

The second item is a Texet Laminator Kit (again another Amazon affiliate link); which was the first laminator I ever bought and has worked out well. See, I said it would be boring 🙂

Texet Laminator

Texet Laminator

Why so useful?

So, a printer and a laminator being the most useful items? You know what is coming, don’t you? You know I am going to say we print things then laminate them.

So, I’ve talked about now and next boards and PECS in previous posts. These are basically smaller pictures that are laminated. Images of things such as breakfast, car, bed, bath and so on. Images used daily.

The thing is, you will find help with groups such as speech and language will possibly help you out and supply you with the basic cards; at least they did for us. Other, such our portage, supplied us with more. You really only get the standard ones though and they do bend and wear down.

We wanted to be able to produce our own. Produce ones that were custom to us. Replace ones that had worn. So, a good printer and laminator allows us to do that. We can print off a number of images and laminate them. It may sound a bit geeky or boring, but it gives us the ability to communicate things to our son that is repeatable and visual.

There you have it. What bit of technology do we find most useful? A printer and laminator, and of course the TV for keeping them quiet when we are cooking, cleaning and so on. Kids programs; always a treat to adult ears.

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