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We went out rock hunting

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As strange as it may seem, we actually went out this weekend rock hunting. Let me explain in a little more detail, just so you know we’re not just gone bonkers for rocks.

What do I mean by ‘Rock Hunting’

So, what is this rock hunting thing? Let me start with – does everyone here know what geocaching is? For those that don’t, geocaching is a game where you use your phone to and the info that is given on a location to hunt down a cache. This is usually something like a log book in a box, where you put your name, date and so on. Its a kind of seek and go hide.

This whole rock hunting thing is very similar to that. Now, I have to say that I am not sure if this is the latest craze everywhere, or if it just happens to be local to us down here in Dorset. What it is, simply, is people decorate rocks and then place them in locations, usually in a location that is easy to see but not obvious. Then put a note on a Facebook page/group such as the BH Rocks group for BH Area.

People that want to go find, such as use this weekend gone, look at these pages and see locations where people have hidden the rocks. You then go to those locations and try and hunt down the rocks. When you do so, you take a photo, log it on the Facebook group and then either take the rock home or go and re-hide it.

From what we have seen, it doesn’t have to be in the same place – we saw an image of one rock found on a train at Southampton.

So, on our first hunt, we found one

Rock Hunting 3

Rock Hunting 3

So, this weekend just gone, we decided to try this game out. The great thing is, it gets you outdoors walking around, looking and taking note. We went to a beach not too far from us (5 minutes down the road), Sandbanks beach, and started to look.

We had seen a post saying that someone was placing 4 rocks down there today. 10 minutes before we started to look we saw a post that one had been found and that they were re-hiding. So, we started to look.

Around 20 minutes went by and we found 1. Placed on a wall behind one of those showers where you go to wash the sand off your feet. Not too difficult to find but again, not something you would have seen if you weren’t looking. Up until that point, we had been having some fun, but there is nothing like a find to elevate the kid’s enthusiasm. Especially our daughter, she went into full excited, let’s find more mode.

Rock Hunting 2

Rock Hunting 2

So, we took a photo of our find, logged it in the group and then went and rehid the rock. We then continued our walk but didn’t find any others. At that point, our daughter wanted to go to another location over at Upton Country Park where loads have been found and placed – but we think that is for next weekend.

Fantastic fun and fresh air

All in all, its fantastic fun and gets you out in the fresh air. It’s also fun for the people that have painted the rocks as they see a record of them being found. This week we also have plans to create some rocks of our own and place them over the weekend. Continue the fun.

So, is this something you have seen played in your area? Is it being placed without you knowing? Try checking out Facebook for groups near you and if not any, try creating one and starting the trend. Its so much fun to do, as I keep saying.

Let me know in a comment below if you are playing this also, or if it sounds like something you would love to try.

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    1. Author

      We only just found out about it here. I can see how viral a game it could be as it’s loads if fun and gets kids involved.

      There must be some great places up in Oxfordshire to go hide and seek them.

    1. Author

      Thanks. Yes it was great fun. I’ll take a look at your blog later at always interested in new blogs to view

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