We all need to be more accepting of others

We all need to be more accepting of others

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So, the title is a bit of a generalisation – it probably should be SOME of use (as humans) must be more accepting of others, especially those with disabilities.

Trying not to rant

So, I am trying not to rant in this post, though this week I have read a few news stories that really got my back up (so to speak). There are many stories that go unsaid, I can name many situations where we get looks of distain and disgust from other parents when little Mr is having a meltdown, or making too much noise and so on. Personally I just look back at them with a reflective look – if they can’t accept others then they don’t deserve my time or even respect.

There were a few articles I read this week on the BBC News website that started to boil my blood. These articles really show how, as a society, many of us need to do better. Now, anyone that maybe reading this post would be excluded from these list of people, purely because you are accepting – otherwise why would you be reading articles and posts about disabilities and autism.

There are many others out there that are also excluded from this list of people who need to do better, as there are more and more people out there these days that do understand and do accept. However, these news articles, which I will go through in a minute, show that there are many that are accepting and do need to do better.

Removed from the cinema

So, the first article I read that had me starting to rant was about a woman with Aspergers that was removed from a cinema, and this happened while she was watching her favourite movie as a birthday celebration. Why was she removed? For laughing too loud at the funny parts…

As a society don’t we nurture the ‘express yourself’ part of our personality? I mean, removed for laughing too loud? I won’t go into the details of the article, as there was another word removed before the removed – go read it. What really made my blood boil was reading that there were people in the film that verbally abused and then geered and cheered when she was removed, even though she told them she had Aspergers. I won’t go into what some said – again go read articles – but I am not even going to give time to what they said.

This really does show that we have a long way to go.

Needing to use the loo

The second News story about a young lady with Crohn’s disease who needed to use the toilet but was told she could not by a member of staff.

Now, a friend of mine has Crohn’s, and although I don’t know the full details of it – I know how bad it can be and how important it is to get to a toilet.

Surely the use of a toilet, something that the staff member is not paying for, is not a big deal. If they are worried, surely a member of staff can go with them?

Again, just another example of people needed to become more understanding.

Asked to leave

The final straw to my week, as it were, came when I read a 3rd article about a young many who was asked to leave a theatre show – what really shines out is that his dad was one of the actors, and that the woman who piped up and asked them to leave reportable said that he was distracting the cast?

This young man, who is non-verbal as reported in this news article, was making animal noises – apparently the show had actors making animal noises. It goes on to say that a woman in front asked him to leave. It says his day (who was one of the actors only found out after the performance).

This is one of those articles that I would love to have read his dad seeing him get up while on stage and then asked this woman why she asked them to leave. Now, I don’t condone picking on people, one of the reasons why these stories make my blood boil.  But, I would love to get the insight into the people who have no tolerance and try to show why they are wrong.

I don’t expect…

Now, I don’t expect these people to gain this tolerance unless their lives are effected with disability or some other reason. It’s really disappointing that people still have little tolerance.

Even before little Mr was born, we had some involvement with Autism, disabilities and were always accepting of others. Even though I had less knowledge and experience I made sure I was accepting. That maybe down to my own experience as a kid of being different – my wife says I need to get evaluated to see if I am on the spectrum – though for me its  more about I shouldn’t need to, they should accept me, little Mr and everyone else for who they are.

Right. Rang over.. How about your, have you experience of people with no acceptance? If so, why not share them with us.

I recently came across the following quote

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

This is my new goal in life. Not to conform to be normal, but to be amazing and I hope to inspire you to be amazing too.

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