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Visiting Portland Bill Lighthouse in October

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So, if you’ve been following my blog for a little while (when I say a little while, the post I am about to refer to is only a few months old) you will have seen a post I did on our family day trip to Portland Bill Lighthouse.

Just in case you didn’t know, Portland Bill Lighthouse is, well, a lighthouse on the Isle of Portland here down on the south coast.

Our last visit was August

So, we last went out to Portland Bill back in August, during the 6 weeks holiday. It was warmer, sunnier and certainly not so windy. We took a lovely stroll along the top, took some photo’s and then enjoyed some chips and an ice cream from the shop. The chips aren’t cheap by the way…

It was a lovely couple of hours, the kids had fun and certainly enjoyed playing on the empty swings near there (they are over by the houses, which is probably not were many walk). By the way, if your down on the South Coast, in Dorset, then its a great place for some dramatic photos.

Portland Bill Visit - Dramatic Sea

Portland Bill Visit – Dramatic Sea

Portland Bill Visit - Dramatic Sea 2

Portland Bill Visit – Dramatic Sea 2

So, we decided to visit during October half-term

A few months have gone by since the last visit, almost 3 if your being precise, so we thought

We have some time to use up in half-term, let’s go visit Portland Bill Lighthouse again

So we did. This weekend we thought we would go over again, it’s only around 40 miles along the coast or so, and go for a walk. Spend a few hours over there.

Now, the one thing you can’t see too much of in the photos is just how much windier it was. I won’t say cold (though I am sure my wife did) as I enjoyed the breeze – but it was windy. We did get a nice sunny day for it I might add – so rain would have certainly put a dampener on things.

The great thing though, the thing that I really enjoyed about it, is that you can get extra drama in your photos. As it was breezy, as the sea was a bit more vigorous, the waves bashing on the rocks were more violent and producing some fantastic spray shots. I just wish I had my tripod and more of a zoom lens to capture them in their full glory.

Of course, as we walked past the cafe; and even though it was October and windy, the kids had to have ice cream, along with the wife. I had to have a nice Mocha, so fair is fair. We followed this up with a walk over to the swings (of course) and then back to the car.

Still worth a visit

Portland Bill Visit - Kids day out

Portland Bill Visit – Kids day out

So, what I am trying to get at is that, even though it was October, even though it was windy and a little bit colder, Portland Bill Lighthouse is still well worth a visit. In fact, it was quieter than the summer months so you can get to see more, park easier and all that good stuff.

Portland Bill Visit - Little Miss

Portland Bill Visit – Little Miss

Portland Bill Visit - It's me

Portland Bill Visit – It’s me

Especially if you going to take some photos of that rugged coastline – its a much more dramatic time of year. We enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it, and as you can see from the images – it’s still a fantastic place for a day (or a few hours) out.

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