A Visit To Adventure Wonderland

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Adventure Wonderland the family theme park

On their Facebook page, they say they are ‘Dorset’s Number 1 family theme park’. I don’t disagree with the comment, although theme park brings to mind a large site with many rides. Not the thought id have about Adventure Wonderland.

What is an Adventure Wonderland

You may ask?

So, nestled opposite to Bournemouth airport is this lovely little smaller theme park. Well, that makes it sound big. In reality its opposite a small part of the airport, more opposite the runway. There are a few things in total opposite the airport.

Adventure Wonderland has a few things on its site. It has a larger indoor soft play. It has a small theatre where they put on a panto a couple of times during the day. There is a pony ride section and animal petting section. There is a maze to get lost in and a play park with swings, slide, etc.

Though the biggest section is taken up by the fair rides. I say fair rides as this gives the perspective on their size over those found at big theme parks.

All said and done. We like going there. We have summer passes and it’s a great place to go and use for a few hours of fun. Also, they are investing. A new ride is opening.this summer. Just don’t expect Alton Towers.

If down in Bournemouth and with younger children then its great. Just know there is not a lot for older kids. Its great for us as our son loves the place.

But enough of the chat. Why not see what this place looks like with some pics I took there last weekend

Over there is the soft play

Feed time


Some pigs

Such a big chair for a small dude

I’m out a here

Train time

You spin me right round

And round some more

Fun for the family

As you can see. It is great fun for a family with younger kids. Ours love it, though for our eldest it maybe now the last year or so of season tickets and time to move up to bigger parks.

Hope you enjoy my quick look through. If so please share on. ASD or not ASD, this is fun for the kids. You can even get a disabled pass which means carer goes free. Great service.

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