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The ultimate guide to blogging

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Welcome to my Ultimate Guide For Blogging!!! (*imagine that being said in a deep deep voice). Having spent some time over a number of years blogging on and off; I thought I would share my ultimate guide with you.

Before I get into it, I have to say that on top of all that playing around. I’ve read a number of blogging books of late too… and after all the guff, it boils down to the steps and guide I am giving you below. This is saving you a good 99p (probably more or less depending on the free Kindle books offers of course).

So, let’s get started with this.

The ultimate blogging guide

Ok, you need to complete the following steps and then your blogging.

  1. Create a blog
  2. Start writing

It really is that simple.

Ok, so there are a few steps to complete for step one, technical steps. for a start, you need to choose what type of blog platform you’re going to use. There are 3 that come to mind.

You have Blogger and WordPress.com which are free to register and use. You can quickly create your blog space with no technical knowledge and start writing. The downside is that you have quite limited design functionality with these blogging spaces which means you can’t go fully designer on them.

The other option is to register your own domain, grab some domain hosting and install WordPress. This does cost a little money, you do need to install something but allows you to go full designer on it.

To work it out, the cost of the domain name is usually a small cost (unless you go premium name). Domain hosting can work out cheap or expensive. You can get a $1 a month hosting if you look around though I prefer the slightly more expensive (I think I pay around £5 a month or thereabout). Installing WordPress with any good domain is usually made easy with a 1 button installer. Some will even install it for you.

You can also buy premium themes and theme frameworks for your WordPress install. As it happens I wrote a post on some of those.

Which you prefer is up to you. Are you looking for easy start or the ability to make it your own?

Once the blog is up

Once you have your blog created, I hear lots of people saying need to get the design right, get the logo in place and all that.

No, no, no… Those are things you can play and change with over time. Get started, write that first, second, third post. Get some content on there. There are bloggers out there using free themes with no logo and are still getting tons of visits. A good, nice design can attract people; but they don’t stay for the design, they stay for the content.

So, I will reiterate my ultimate guide steps :

  1. Create a blog
  2. Start writing

Just start writing. Along the journey, you can worry about design, SEO, social media and all the other hundreds of things that people have opinions on. There are so many options, texts, videos and much more on what is good content, good design, SEO friendly and so on. I let you figure that out as you go as its constantly changing.

What do you think?

Did you enjoy this ultimate guide? It may sound like a silly thing BUT REALLY, it’s just 2 steps and your blogging. Have you created a blog of late? Maybe you want to share it with us here. Leave us a comment below and show the world you’re a blogger.


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