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Top App and Plugin Friday – Week #1

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This week I have been looking at a really useful WordPress plug in called ‘Editorial Calendar’.

So, incase you didn’t see my post from Monday – this week I have started a new schedule. This schedule will see me post 7 days a week, with particular posts on each day. For example, every Friday I will have a top app and plugin post. The idea is to give everyone a schedule and to get posts up every day of the week.

So, to do this I have set a schedule (as I have already said), and I needed something to plan this schedule. This is where Editorial Calendar comes in.

What is Editorial Calendar?

Well, EC (I’m going to call it EC for short now instead of keep writing Editorial Calendar) is, simple, a calendar you can use to plan your posts.

Now, you could say, I can schedule my posts from the post itself which is true. However, EC adds another menu option under ‘Posts’ called, simple, Calendar. When you choose this option you get a month calendar view, on which you can see all your scheduled posts.

You can use this to drag your posts to different days. You can select to edit them and all that great stuff. What you can do, or what I have done for a number of posts, is setup 4 or 5 drafts of the same post type. When  you navigate over to the calendar, over on the right is a button to show all unscheduled drafts. You can then drag each one of these from this list onto dates you want them to go live. Basically, its a visual schedular.

Doing this doesn’t change their status from draft; it nearly sent the scheduled date. You can then go and edit the post at your leisure.

Such a useful option

This, at least too me, is a great way to work on this new schedule. Instead of me trying to work on the posts in my All Posts list, I can go over to the calendar. Drag and drop. Choose to edit and make sure my new schedule of posts is setup.

If you are looking to easily move posts around, then this calendar could be just what you are looking for. Just goto you ‘Add New’ plugin option and search for Editorial Calendar


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