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Top App and Plugin Friday – Nextscripts SNAP

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This week I am going to be talking about another WordPress plugin. This is something I used so much on a previous site that I paid for the premium version. However, the options and reasons for me using this plugin are all in the free version, so that is what I will be talking about and looking at.

Pushing posts to social media

So, some of you may already know of this plugin, some may not. Before I do give the name, let me talk a little about what and why I use this.

So, we all create posts, such as this one, and we want to get it out for people to see. Social media is a big part of that, I don’t need to tell you that, you already know. Creating post after post can be time consuming though, especially if you have regular posting. Case being for another site of mine where I had about 5-8 posts a day – it was time consuming.

So, after some research I came across Nextscripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP for short). SNAP allows you to setup social network configurations such as Facebook, Twitter and many others, then when you publish a post this plugin posts out to all those configured social networks with a defined text (something you can change) which can include the link to the post.

There is one thing to note, this free version will only work with social media systems that have their own API, something that the tool can use. However, you can still post to those that don’t (such as Pinterest I believe is one) if you pay for an account. They have an in house API that will post to those. However, you don’t need this for the big ones.

Re-post old posts

The other great thing about this plugin is that you can setup reposting of older post and content to your social media accounts. You setup, like with the new posts, which social media you want to post too, setup a schedule, posts you want to post (I choose all of them) which can be from a time frame and then set it in motion. I re-post a post every 10 hours for example. Its an all in one tool to both post out to social media that new post plus repost old posts.

Do I need the premium version

So, to test the plugin you can install the free version right from the new plugin menu option. Give it a try, play around and so on. The Pro version of the tool gives you a few more options, I won’t list them all, you can find them at their website. You may want to check out API subscription, see if there are any social media listed in there that you want to also post too.

In conclusion

I just love writing, In Conclusion. I do need a conclusion of my thoughts, so a great place to add them. This plugin has allowed me to free up some major time over the past year I have been using it. Would spend 10 minutes or more posting out my links to posts on my other site, 5 days a week. This plugin allowed me to automate that which means I now don’t spend any time.

On top of that it now allows me to re-post old posts, this means I could remove a second plugin I had just for that. I can honestly say that this plugin has saved me time and I can’t even setup another wordpress site without installing this. Don’t take my word for it, try the free plugin yourself.

If you have and you have a comment or review, why not leave it below. I would love to chat to others on this subject.

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