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So, I’ve done a few of these posts now and the one application I use, probably the most in comparison, I have not talked about. So, for this week’s Top App Friday I am going to do just that. The application, as you can guess from the title is of course GIMP.

What is GIMP?

Now, it’s probable that I am talking to the converted. What I mean about that is that many of you probably know of GIMP and may even use it. However, for the small minority who don’t, GIMP stands for ‘GNU Image Manipulation Program‘.

The application is an open source (so free) image editor, with a fair bit of kick behind it. It’s amazing just how powerful it is, and of course, have I mentioned its FREE?? Not only that, it’s cross-platform, so there are executables for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.



You can use this program to edit your photos, design and create banners and logos, create illustrations, really anything you can think of when it comes to image creation and manipulation.

As an example, I use it all the time to resize my images as well as converting from PNG to JPG and so on. I can load in the image (you a right click and select open with GIMP under windows for example). When loaded I can crop any sections I don’t want. If I want to add a box or text (or a box and text) I can do that. I can then resize and export.

This tool has been invaluable for my blogging as well and quick image edits. I have even created a number of website logos, there is an option for that; and remember, its FREE.

Now, I won’t go into all of its functions and details, mainly because that would take too long and the post would be massive. I will leave that to be discovered by you; its also more fun that way, playing around, finding out what it can do.

Has to be mentioned

For this, it has to be mentions, to have  a place in my top apps pick. It had to be mentioned really. As I already have said earlier in the post, I maybe preaching to the converted, but if not, why not check it out. You haven’t got anything to loose and, on the other hand, have so much to gain.

Have you got a favorite app you want to share? Then why not leave it down in the comments below. Alternatively, why not write as a guest post and include it in our top app pick Friday list.

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