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Top 5 free things to do in Bournemouth

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These are the Top 5 Free things we love to do with the kids in Bournemouth and its surrounding areas. If you didn’t grab that, these are family based top 5 things as oppose to top 5 adult only free things which may come in a post in the future.

To be honest, most of these (if not all) are probably things you would do as an adult too…

#5 The parks

Swinging in the park

Swinging in the park

There are many parks in Bournemouth and surrounding areas; we visit many of them in both Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and so on. We have found that a number of the parks in Poole are starting to charge for parking; however, this being about free things to do – you can find many still with free parking.

Those that do charge, if you don’t mind a little walk then many of them have streets nearby where you can easily find parking.

Some of those, even with the free parking nearby, have some great facilities. They have the usual swims, slides, etc. Some though even have nice paddling pools which are filled for the sunny summer months.

We have found that the parks in Bournemouth and surrounding areas are a brilliant source of fun for the kids.

#4 The New Forest Walks

The New Forest

The New Forest

Now, The New Forrest isn’t exactly in Bournemouth, but it is near and in the surrounding area. There are some nice places to also walk in Bournemouth too, but The New Forest has so many places.

Taking a drive through you will see many free car parks to stop. Once stopped you could spend a day just walking around on the paths through the forest. We love just heading out, parking and then just wandering around. Make sure you take a backpack with snacks and drinks.

There are also a few little villages spotted around in The New Forest, which are also great to stop and just take in the wonder of it all. You can spend days going to many places and it offers a great family or individual day out. Remember to take a camera.

#3 Crabbing / Fishing

Now thats crabbing gear for sure

Now that’s crabbing gear for sure

So, you’re by the sea. What a fantastic place to get out and do some crabbing or fishing. We like to head over to Mudeford ourselves. Again, not exactly in Bournemouth town but just down the road.

Ok, so the parking there is pay and display but if you don’t mind a little walk; you can find some parking a little further away in side streets, etc. which is free. Personally, we pay and display – but if you want to make it completely free then just do a little investigation and walking to the harbour.

Remember to bring your crabbing net or fishing line and some bait. You can buy crabbing bait while there, and nets if need to.

#2 Playing on the beach

Beach day

Beach day

Bournemouth, if you didn’t know it (and I am sure you do), is a seaside town. That means, BEACH. Spending time on the beach costs nothing. Ok, so, again, if you drive you will need to find parking. Parking does cost. However, like #3 above, if you’re willing to park a little further away and walk, then you will find free parking.

These free parking zones are now becoming more scares, however, head down to Canford Cliffs or park a little further out of town in the residential areas and you will find space. Then just walk down to the beach. Remember to make sure you bring everything with you though if you do park further away.

For those that want to park a little closer. If you avoid the car parks that are right next to the beach and park in the ones that are a little more into the town then you will find a more reasonable hourly rate.

The beach is truly a family favourite. Kids love it. Adults love it. Fun for the family.

#1 Swimming in the sea

The sea

The sea

If you’re at the beach, the number one thing to do is go swimming or body boarding or some other activity in the sea.

The sea offers plenty of pleasures. Swimming, paddling, body boarding is always a favourite. If you’re at the seaside, then you need to get in that sea and have some fun.

This is definitely the number 1 fun and free thing to do in Bournemouth.

Do you have any other favourite things to do?

How about you, do you agree with this as the top 5? Is there something else or different you do when in Bournemouth? If so, please leave us a comment below with what you do and what numbering you would give these items.


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