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Top 3 things to achieve this week – week #5

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As part of my new schedule, I want to start the week on a positive note. Each week, I have started by listing out a top 3 items, things I want to have achieved by the end of the week.

Then, at the end of each week, I will revisit this weekly post, and hold up accountability for the achievements. The goal is that I see what I accomplished, complete and what I learned.

So, this week I wanted to try and try to achieve the following goals:

  1. Complete my current 30-day posts for November challenge
  2. Review how the 5 weeks of my schedule have gone and change where needed
  3. Figure/Fine new domain name for a second blog site I want to create

1. Complete my current 30-day challenge

A few months ago I did my first 30-day blog challenge. This was to write a post every day for 30 days. That was a great exercise, although it can be difficult thinking up a topic for every day over the full 30 days.

I completed it, but I did find towards the end that subjects were becoming more sparse.  So, this time around I wanted to try setting up a schedule. I wanted to do 30 days of posts with a schedule of particular posts on particular days.

For example, Mondays are 3 things to achieve post day.  As this 30-day challenge was for the 30 days of November, there are only 3 more days left – at the end of which I will have completed my 30-day challenge.

2. Review how the 5 weeks of my schedule have gone

As I mentioned above, the 30-day challenge this time around was to a schedule. When this current weekends, and so too the challenge, it will have been 5 weeks of the schedule. At that point, it will be time to evaluate how it went.

This goal is to facilitate that, to review how the schedule has gone. Has it gone well? What posts performed best? Evaluate and change.

3. Figure/Fine new domain name for a second blog site I want to create

Ok, so I don’t have enough on my hands 🙂

I have this blog (plus another one I update). I do have YouTube and I want to start a podcast. However, I want to create another blog.

Now, this will always be my main blog, comes first. This one is the one I want to use to talk about family. I know, of late, there are these other posts. I’m thinking that this other blog can take those posts. Move out the Tech Stuff. Move out all the other items and leave the family, and more important, the Autism based stuff for here.

I still need to do the task 2 first, evaluate what works here. What doesn’t will be moving over. That said, I have a concept, I just need a name.

Objectives set

So, that’s my set of 3 objectives to do this week. I think there are some interesting ones there, some that may even help push me forward. So, let’s all see how well I can get on with them (as well as working full time). See you all next Sunday on the look back through.

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