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Top 3 things to achieve this week – week #3

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As part of my new schedule, I want to start the week on a positive note. Each week I want to start with listing out a top 3 items, things I want to have achieved by the end of the week. The idea is that with each week I can grow and become a better blogger.

Then, at the end of each week, I will revisit this weekly post, and hold up accountability for the achievements I accomplished to complete and what I learned.

So, here are my chosen 3 things to try and accomplish this week.

1. Review post so far and see what posts are working

So, it’s been 2 weeks now since I started this new posts schedule. It’s still very early on in the process, but with 2 posts of each type, I can start to take a look at the data, see what posts work better than others. The whole idea of this process was to start, process and make changes needed.

That in mind, this week I am going to make a preliminary check through, see if I can take what is there now and tweak a little. By the end of this week, which will have 3 weeks of data on most post types, I hope to be on a good solid footing to know what is working. Then produce some (technical term time) cracking posts for you all to read.

2. Take time out to think if I should add a picture of the week post

I love taking photographs. I loved taking them on film, I remember buying myself a fantastic 35mm SLR from Minolta.  I then progressed into digital cameras. I remember buying my first Casio 1.3MP camera, I believe it was a CASIO QV-7000SX, back in 1999. That changed it for me.

I loved taking photos, the problem was with the time it took to get those photos processed plus you never knew what you had got till it came out. The digital camera meant I could take lots of images and see them almost immediately. I loved digital so much that my SLR lay on the side until I sold it.

I went through a number of great digital cameras, with my first DSLR coming a few years ago now; that was a Canon 400d. I now have a lovely Nikon which I need to buy a much better lens for and a Sony RX100 compact.

What I want to do is start to share images with everyone on my page. I do, from time to time, share them on Instagram – but I have thought about creating an image of the week post. Maybe even asking people who visit the site if they want to share an image in this post too.

This is just a thought that I want to work through this week, maybe throw up a post and see what it would look like.

3. Seek out a guest post spot

So, for my final goal of this week… this could prove to be the most difficult. After a discussion on Friday on twitter as well as much research, the consensus is – to improve the flow of traffic, to improve my domain authority and to just improve, I need to really seek out some guest posting spots.

So, for this week I intend to send out some feelers, send out some potentials and just see how it goes. By the way, if anyone reading this post has spots for guest posters then let me know.

So, there you have it. These are my 3 goals for myself this week. Check back on Sunday to see how they went.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your goals. I do a similar thing in my bullet journal and review at the end of each week 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures too.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the great comment. Yes, I think setting goals and reviewing them each week certainly keeps you on track. Especially when sometimes its easy to get sidetracked 🙂

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