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Time for the Christmas decorations

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I’m usually quite traditional when it comes to the Christmas decorations. We have the 12 days before and 12 days after that I tend to follow.

However, this year we decided to break that rule.

Why break the tradition this year?

It’s a simple reason really. We do the Christmas decorations over a weekend, mainly due to being so busy through the week, that the weekend is the only time we get where we can all do it.

However… looking at the up and coming month, even the weekends are soooo busy that we decided to do it either this weekend or the weekend of 16th/17th. Let’s just say that the kids (well not so little Miss as little Mr. really can’t tell us what he wants) were not impressed with doing it on the 16th…

So, that left this weekend just gone – the only free weekend we had. I broke the tradition and we started to prepare for the big event 2017.

We don’t go overboard

Now, we don’t go overboard when it comes to decor. That may be partly my fault due to, when I was a kid, it was like going into a completely alien room. There were streamers everywhere and so on.

So, as I grew up I went the complete opposite and didn’t do decorations. It was only when we had kids that we started to put them up. When I say put them up, basically its the tree, a few decorations in the windows, a couple of banners and some lights in the fireplace.

There, at least at the moment, are no streamers or anything like that. We may also have some tinsel jotted around on top of the door frames etc.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Decorations Imspection

Decorations Inspection

The kids love doing the tree, I think, because we don’t go overboard on the number of decorations, the tree is the big them. Again, we do like to keep it quite simple, we have just particular colours we use, but still, it starts up the excitement running through their system knowing that Christmas is about to happen.

The finished christmas tree

The finished tree

When finished they know it really is the start.

We got their lists

The other thing we like to do as a little tradition, while we still can, is get them to fill out their Christmas list and we send it off. The Royal Mail do a fantastic service, in that they send you back a response card from Santa.

Filling out that Santa list

Filling out that Santa list

Now, we got not so little Miss to also do it, even though she said she is 90% sure it’s us that wraps the presents in different wrapping paper and not a person called Santa. I don’t think we will be getting away from that one anytime soon. so, this may be the last time we get to do this. One more tradition that is lost to age.

Still, we have had some fun with these things in the past – such as a recorded message on CD we bought from eBay a number of years ago.

Christmas is nearly here

Ultimately, this is just that pre-run to Christmas. We can feel it in the air. We’re in December so we know its just round that corner. For us, presents are bought, decorations are up and its almost time for that big day.

What about you, have you got your Christmas traditions? If so, why not share yours in a comment below. I’d love to know what you do for this time of year.

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