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Third and final sign along lesson

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If you’ve not read the previous two posts on my journey of learning the basics of sign along, then check them out here: Sign Along Week 1 and Sign Along Week 2.

Third and final

So, this week we did the third and final class on sign along. It contained the more difficult, well difficult as you can get with a basic introductions course, words. Words that are made up of more than one sign. Words that have more actions and possibly trickier hand motions.

Some of the more fun words, things such as Giraffe, hedgehog and others.

The great thing is, you don’t realise until you try, but you, we, seemed to have taken something in because we all remembered most of the words from the previous weeks. It’s kind of strange because with the cards in front of me, I was able to do the sign, but if I were to try without them my mind goes a bit blank.

Maybe its something to do with being in a classroom?

Already started to use

That said, we have already started to use sign along with little Mr. He kind of looks at us a little strange, probably thinking “what you doing?”. Some of the signs though, they just make sense.

What I would say though, as a review of what we have covered; and remember that this is just a basic entry. I feel more confident now that I could use sing along. I feel more confident that it could be very useful. I also feel confident that, if we need it in the future – then we can use it.

For us that was important. With little Mr. being non-verbal at the moment, sign along maybe one fo the ways his SEN school learn him to communicate using.

If you have the offer of a free course like this, I would say go for it and do it. We really enjoyed it. We learnt so much and I am hoping to go further into this in the future.

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