The Fair Arrives

The Fair Arrives

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This is a one take Sunday post today – Something I may do again, but only usually when something that I either know or not need to research jumps into my fingers as I type 🙂

This week the fair arrived at the recreation ground near us. They put an announcement on their Facebook page that says its the first time in 20 years since they have been – through around 3-4 years ago there was another fair that visited there…

As you can imagine – all the kids are excited…

The fair

The fair

Little Mr the adventurer

Every child is different, a bit of a sentence to start when the title included adventurer. It’s true though, not all children like fast or scared rides. This includes children on the spectrum and those that aren’t.

Little Mr is one of those children that seems to be adventurous – well, that said, so is not so little Miss. I think it comes from my wife’s side.

We thought we would pop down the fair, though at £1 each a ride we limited our spending. We wanted to take not so little Miss as she loves the bigger rides, but we also wanted to try little Mr on some of the faster and more adventurous rides that where there – the sort of rides that seem to have bigger height limits at other places.

We started slow but then went up to the faster rides quite quick…

Fair Fun

Fair Fun

First fast ride

The first fast ride we went on, in the first minute he started to grumble – maybe as it was slow… Suddenly the ride picked up in speed and he grown turned into laughter.

We were on one of those rides that throw’s you around at speed, think this was called Sizzler or something like that. Zooming around, that being turned and zooming across again. I think it was just the sheer speed and pull that he enjoyed.

He enjoyed so much that he pulled me back again later…

However, when done the next ride had to be the waltzers. Again, not something he had been on – but when we were zooming round he was laughing his head off. I have to say my stomach started to take a beating at this point.

Back to yer sizzler

Once the waltzer had finished, I needed to walk around for 5 minutes just to settle my stomach. Then he was pulling me back to the sizzler again – moaning until we went on it. Had to be done.

Once finished, so was my stomach. The one problem with these rides is the stimulation he gets. Lots of sensory.

As he had so much sensory he started to have a little meltdown. It was certainly time to go at that point.

The moral is…

This post has a reason, a purpose. It’s to say that you never know what you kiddie will love until you try it. Just because the maybe on the spectrum doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy.

However, you have to remember the sensory stimulation and watch out for when they have peaked and they start to have a sensory meltdown. Overall, we had fun at the fair and really happy we tried him.

We will be going again before they leave.

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