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The ear piercing hunt

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It could be a title of the next latest blockbuster movie…??? Probably not, but it was the star event of our Saturday.

The back story

Probably for a couple of years now our daughter has kept asking to have her ear pieced. Now, I’m a great believer of them being certain ages for things such as piecing (and tattoos), so I have always said to her that she can have it done when she was a little older.

So, this birthday she was 9 and at an age, I finally gave in and said she can have them done. It may be a peer thing as most of the girls in her class have them done also.

So, we booked her into a reputable health/spa place and waited till the date of her appointment (last Saturday on 25th).

On the day…

So, the day came for her appointment. Off she went with my wife, round the corner from us. Around 10 minutes later they came back with no ears pierced. ‘The machines broke’ they said. Now, my daughter was quite upset, partly because she had told everyone in school that she was having them done.

So, with the soundtrack of mission impossible, the mission began.

The tattooists…

So, the first place we were told about was a local tattooist. I phoned them up and asked, they said sure we can do them. So, we hopped in the car and drove to the local town where they were based.

We walked around the corner and found the shop. The person that would do the piercing said that she needed to chat with our daughter to explain what they do and to make sure she was happy.

She started. ‘We take the needle and put it through your ear…’. My daughter faced dropped. I said ‘don’t you use the piercing gun?’ (it’s actually more like a stapler these days) to which we were informed they don’t and some barmy excuse about this being better and even cleaner???

I said to my daughter ‘let’s go and grab a coffee and think about it’. My excuse for a coffee and also a reason to go as I saw she was quite worried about this way of doing it.

Yes, they stick the needle through. Then they put the earing in. I’d be worried at that.

The search continues

So, while in Costa having my Mocha; I decided to phone Claires and ask them. ‘Sure we can do it and yes we use the stapler apparatus’. Success, we found a place.

So, we have our coffee. Got home for lunch. Then head off down to Poole town. We walk through the shopping center around to Claires.

The next 20 minutes were spent choosing the earing, filling in the paperwork and so on. Then came the time for the ear piercing. The great thing was, they had two pieces apparatus and two people. So they did both ears at once. It was over in a few seconds with no cry, wince or any sign of discomfort from our daughter.

She loves her earrings and I would definitely recommend Claires in Poole (I don’t know what the staff at the others are like so can only recommend them). They were great with our daughter, kept her entertained so she didn’t have time to worry, and they did it quickly and in one go.

Successful Mission. The rest of the weekend was a little quieter

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