The Difficulties Of Starting A New Role

The Difficulties Of Starting A New Role

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Let me start by saying that this is more a personal blog entry. It’s just me sharing what’s in my head with everyone. I like to share from time to time, share what is going on but also share what I am thinking… That said, lets start with my sharing 🙂

So, some may already know this (those that have been following my twitter at the time of writing this), some of you may not – I’ve been unemployed for the last month.

Well, the reality is that I’ve been between jobs because I did have a role I accepted just after I finished my previous. However, because of reasons I won’t go into – I couldn’t start until 1st August – which is next week at the time of writing this.

So, with just 1 week, well even less than that, to go; I’m excited and looking forward to the new challenge. 

However, starting a new role in a new company does pose us a few challenges.

What challenges do we foresee?

It may seem a bit bad for me to say that a new job poses some challenges. There are many out there that are also between jobs but have yet to find one. I’m certainly grateful that I could the role I have when I did.

This last month has given me the time to do some of those things I have had on my list for a while. I decorated little Mr’s room. We did some gardening. I built up a new shed. Plus many other things. 

It has also given me the time to think. There have been a number of things I have thought about – one, in particular, was how flexible my previous role was.

When I needed to work from home or a late morning to take little Mr to the dentist – that accommodated that. They accommodated me as they knew about little Mr and why we would need sometimes to do these other things.

Starting a new role as a dad with a child on the spectrum – they don’t know our citation. So, those mornings I need to take little Mr to the dentist I will need to book off. Some of the other things my wife will have to do more – we won’t be able to share some of those.

It’s about working with the company till a point they understand that there are times I need something and that taking that time won’t affect my work. It’s about building up that relationship.

Does it take more time to build up they understanding?

I also think that, unless the person(s) you are working with also have a child on the spectrum or some other disability – they may not fully understand what takes up your time. There is just a finite number of times you could listen to the same song or do the same activity after all… is there?

To build up that understanding of why you sometimes have to leave early or do a dentist run take longer and requires more effort. At least that’s how it is for me.

To lead them on that journey into special needs. To show them why you need to sometimes do the things you need to, and Why you may need time to do them.

It’s certainly a difficultly that you need to endure and get through as part of your new role. Just a much as learning your role and new company.

Having met the people I will be working with, I’m sure that this stage of understanding won’t take us too long to get through.

The unlucky timing

The other item on the list of thinking about my new role is the unlucky timing. Generally, through the 6 weeks holidays (that’s school holidays for those outside of the UK), I usually take a day or 2 each of the weeks as a holiday day. 

The reason is, most kids start to find it difficult towards the end of the holiday with things to do. Things to keep them occupied. Little Mr can get quite a handful.

I get just this first week and a bit this year, then start work with just weekends. It does mean that my wife has to deal with all the meltdowns and other issues. It just turned out to be bad timing in regards to this. 

Next year will be different. Next year I will do my usual plan. However, this year is certainly going to have an added challenges.

I’m really happy though

All that said, I am really happy to be starting a new role, and one that is still quite close to our current home which means no long commute times.

I know how lucky I am to have a job and I am truly looking forward to doing my new daily role. 

We all face challenges and we strive to overcome them. To be honest, both us and our kids will be looking forward to the end of these holidays.

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