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The cure for Autism – Is there one?

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So, let me begin with this statement. I have learned enough about Autism to know that, currently, there is no cure. Now, I can’t say that in 100 years they won’t have figured something out – we never know what the future will hold (100 years ago, if you had told someone we would have been in space and to the moon they would have probably said they would never have known we could do that).

So, I say again. I know that there is no known cure for Autism. Now, I know someday someone is going to leave me a comment – as this is probably a debatable thing for some, but its true. Currently, there isn’t. Autism is not like a virus or infection where you can pop in some medicine. It doesn’t work like that.

However, you hear stories of people that claim to have a cure or stories where people have done strange, and sometimes dangerous things to which they claim is a cure.

This rattles my cage really. This is a disability, not a virus.

Searching on Google

Now, this post really came about because I thought it would be a good idea, out of research, to type in the words “autism cure” into Google. As of today, it returned 83,800 results – which is far less than I actually thought it would.

Now, I must say also that not all pages that came back in the results were claiming to have cures. Some of them were news articles on cures or articles on people and parents that have done sill and dangerous things such as this article telling how Parents were found using bleach to treat children with autism. Heres another news article on the same use of bleach to cure Autism. How disturbing is that!

This just makes me feel ill. How stupid can people, parents be to use bleach, in any way, with their children. Surely, this should be considered are abuse? These are innocent and vulnerable children.

It’s turned me into a ranting person

I don’t want to be ranting, but its just stories like these, people like that who just bring it out of me.

The other people that make me rant on a little are those that are trying to sell cures. It seems to me when I read about these ‘said’ cures, that they are really preying on parents who either haven’t accepted their children have autism for life or think it is like some virus and can be cured.

These cures, these sites, would not be up if they did not have a good trade from this. I truly wonder how many go through these cures and how dangerous they are for the children themselves. This article I read on TheGuardian website talks a bit about how dangerous fake cures can be.

Like anything though, there would not be people selling these things if there weren’t people buying. So, the problem here is both the people that are selling these ‘so-called’ cures, but also the people buying them.

I’m going to stop ranting now

So, I’m going to stop ranting now. Well, the only way I can do that is if I end the post and move away from the keyboard. This is a subject I could rant on about for hours. Sometimes you just feel like saying to the parents – accept the diagnosis and change your world, change your parenting to bring the best out of your relationship with your child – and help them be the best they can possibly be.

There is no doubt that you will see more posts like this from me in the future. I hope, like me, you all feel strongly about this subject. I know, reading through the articles, that there are people fighting to get these so-called cures off the shelves. We can only do our little bit to help with that.

If you have read any other articles or have anything to share with us on the subject of ‘cure for Autism’ then please do a comment below and we can all discuss.


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