Christmas Blues

The Christmas blues with autism

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It’s quite strange to think it really, but this time of years I/we get a little of the Christmas blues, just a very slight amount. Why you may ask? Christmas is a time for joy, for fun and for family and your right.

Let me explain the why

So, Christmas. For me, it’s about family, but it’s more about kids. Its a time of magic, where young kids get to believe in Santa, get to visit the grottos and you get to join in on that fun. You can get so much joy just watching your kids live through and enjoy the magic of it all.

When our daughter was young, we got to share this, to watch her see and live the magic. To visit Santa, to get presents, to believe. We even do the spreading of special reindeer food and all that. However, she is older now and it’s not so much about that magic, more about the gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have that wonderful family time. There is still the joy, but we don’t get to visit those Santa grottos with her anymore.

That’s certainly one of the ‘now’ Christmas blues. The other one though is how little Mr. doesn’t understand what Christmas is. I don’t think it even registers on his radar so to speak. He doesn’t, for example, understand what the wrapped presents are, and for most years has just left them along. I think we made a breakthrough, kind of, this year for his birthday so we will see on that.

I have a feeling that we are not the only parents with children that don’t understand Christmas, that don’t even understand what it is. This is the real reason for a majority of the slight blues I feel at Christmas. I feel sad that little Mr. just doesn’t understand about Christmas. I feel that his autism has stolen Christmas away from him.

That still doesn’t stop us enjoying it

Now, that said, that still doesn’t stop us enjoying it. We still have fun. His sister helps him with his presents (she loves opening presents). We have our Christmas feast. We often go out for a walk (weather permitting). We enjoy the time together.

We all enjoy the time together. That is what Christmas is really about, it’s about having family time. Regardless of the challenges we face, we still love Christmas, we still do it for the kids and we help both of ours get involved too the levels that they both want to. That’s all we can all do really.

Yes, it does make me sad when I think how little Mr. is just not to the point where he understands it, but we must not let this bring down the fun of Christmas. There are elements I know he loves, there are many elements I know our daughter loves, so that’s what we focus on.

How about you, do you have or face any challenges at Christmas? Do you feel the same? Please leave me a comment below on your thoughts and maybe we can guide and help each other through any troubled moments or thoughts.


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  1. Thank you for sharing some insight into what some parents go through during the holiday season. Many of us don’t share in your holiday hurdles. But, can take from your post some great insight, as to what others holidays are like.

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