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The calm parenting

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Now Let me start by saying it’s amazing. Not talking about parenting at the moment, but, rather technology.

Here I am, sitting away from my home, writing a blog post using my phone. How fantastic is that?

Back to the subject at hand

After that little sidetrack, let me get back on track.

This post really came from something that was said to me, by a friend, a few weeks ago. He said something along the lines of Your so calm and good with him. Him meaning my son.

Now, to put that into perspective. We were visiting my friend and little man was being himself. So buzzing around, going happy to sad and so on. I can see how, from a parent of only neurotypical children, that they would think that I am just calm amongst the chaos.

The truth is, we’ve had a lot of practice. Well, that and we understand that our son sees the world differently and you can’t tell him off for that.

That’s not to say there isn’t a way to tell off

It may sound, from my previous comments that we never tell off. The truth is, like many kids, he tries to test the boundaries and can be naughty. However, the way we tell him off is very different to our daughter for example.

She loses things like TV or Tablet time and so on. With little man, it’s more of about saying ‘No’ and then sitting him on the bean bag.

Of course, there are many things you just can’t tell him off about, at least at the moment because of his learning disability and ASD, but you need to make sure that sure that when he does something wrong, and he knows it’s wrong, that he understands that with a timeout.

At the moment, for example, he has started taking mouthfuls of juice then spitting out. Beanbag time. Children will be children after all and try to push boundaries.

It’s important to be the right parent

I’m lucky that I can accept and be calm in trying situations. Things such as; smearing (you can guess what, where it’s just a matter to say ‘O dear’ and just get on with cleaning.

The other challenges include meltdowns. You have to remain calm through them so as to have that help and calming effect.

Of course, now that my daughter is being monitored for ADHD or ASD I have had to switch my parent technique with her.

1-2-3 and calm.

How about you. Do you have similar stories? Are you able to keep calm during the storms? Why not tell us in the comments below.


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