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Tech Tip Wednesday – The Windows 10 Start Menu

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Today’s tech tip Wednesday is dedicated to the Windows 10 start menu.

I’ve been using Microsoft Windows since version 3.1, well I used DOS more then. My Windows experience with into 95 and 98. I bought Millenium, played with Windows NT4 and Windows 2000.

I then bought Windows XP when it first came out and used for years until Windows 7 appeared. I bought Windows 7, paid for Windows 8 and then got the free upgrade to Windows 10. So, you can see I have used quite a few.

For the biggest percentage of time, up until Windows 8, we always had a start menu (well with 3.1 it was drop down menu’s) and so with Windows 8 and now 10 that all changed.

The great thing about Windows 10 though is you have, in my mind, more control over what you can do. I’m going to list a couple of these changes/tips in this post.

Resize the start menu

Did you know you can resize your menu? So, when you click on it you have the menu and then on the right-hand side the tiles. Just like this image below.

The Start Menu

The Start Menu

If you were to move your pointer over to the right-hand side, on the edge, your icon will change to an arrow pointing both ways. You can then click, hold and move the pointer left or right to make the start menu larger or smaller. Making it smaller will show fewer tiles, larger shows more.

You can even resize it to show no tiles, just the menu. This is great if you want it similar to Windows 7 or earlier.

Removing tiles from the start menu

You can also remove tiles from the start menu that you don’t want to see. Simply hover over them, right-click the tile and you get a menu, as in the below image.

Start Menu Remove Menu

Start Menu-Remove Menu

Just select ‘Unpin from start’ and it will remove the tile, but not uninstall. You can even uninstall from this menu.

Moving and resizing tiles

So, to start with resizing. From the menu previously mentioned by right-clicking a tile, you can see the resize option. Simply choose the size you want that tile to be.

To move them around in the menu, simply hover over the tile, left click and hold the mouse button, then move the tile to the new position you would like.

More start menu customizations

Finally, you can customise the start menu’s overall appearance. Choose Settings and then go to Personalization and then Start.

Start Menu Customize

Start Menu Customize

From this settings menu, you can select things such as colour option for the background, etc.

Go forth and customize

So, these are just some tips to make the start menu look and feel how you want it to. If you find these useful, or have any other tips, why not drop them into a comment below.

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