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Tech Tip Wednesday – editing Instagram images

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Ok, so I am not sure about you, but I find that a lot of the time I can’t get that perfect image edit through my phone. Sometimes I also have a great image I’ve taken with my regular digital camera and I want to get it on Instagram.

So, for this tech tip Wednesday I thought I would cover, how I can edit my pictures from my phone on my computer and upload as well as how I can take an image from my camera and put it on Instagram.

Getting the image to my computer from my phone

Now, this is the easy part. We have many free to use cloud services out there, I prefer Dropbox. It really is that simple.

Sign up for Dropbox if you haven’t already. Connect your computer to your Dropbox. Install the phone app (there is both Android and IOS) for Dropbox. Then, simply upload the image from your phone to your Dropbox.

Once there, you can edit the image on your computer using whichever image editor you use. Finally, you can then save the changed image to your dropbox again.

Then from Instagram you can click the add new plus symple from the app. Then, from the dropdown menu at the top (will have something liek Gallary as default) select ‘Other’. Choose Dropbox then navigate to where you saved the photo. Select it and you then go through the same set of steps as if it was on your phone (such as crop etc)

Getting an image from your camera

So, you will already know the process on this. Basically, its exactly the same process as the above with the exception of it being from your camera and not your phone. You simply take the image off your camera and put it on your computer.

Edit your image, save to Dropbox and go through the same process as selection as above. One thing to remember though. The image taken from your camera may well be in a different perspective view than from your phone. So the cropping part of your image post is more important.

The Mac app

If you have an Apple Mac, you may or may not be aware of an app called Flume. This app allows you to view your Instagram feed. Better still, if you purchase the pro edition you can actually upload images from your Mac to your Instagram.

I bought this app some time ago now and have used it from time to time. It saves me going through the upload from Dropbox part as I can just drop the image into the App.

Just one other thing to think of if you have a Mac.

Edit those images

So, there you have this Wednesday’s top tip. Edit your images on your computer, if you have some good software, and upload away. I personally find it much easier editing on a bigger screen.

If you have any other tips, why not share them below. I would love to hear from you.

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