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Tech Tip Wednesday #1 – Twitter Lists

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So, this week’s top tip Wednesday is all about Twitter Lists. It came up in a twitter conversation I had this week and so I thought I would use it as my first top tip and why they are good.

What are twitter lists

An Example Of My Twitter Lists

An Example Of My Twitter Lists

Well, a Twitter list is a list of people/users that you want to group together. Now, one question was about, isn’t this the timeline? People in your timeline are already in your timeline list?

My analogy is this. Imagine Twitter as a club. Everyone is in this club (yes its a BIG club) and you may like to talk to some of them some of the time. However, a Twitter list is like a VIP section. Not everyone gets into this VIP section which means its easier to see and talk to people.

A list is a VIP section and you can have multiple VIP sections. You can have a list to have a collection of people that talk about a particular subject. You can then flick through each list and check out just those twitter timelines.

You can also make lists public or private. If they are public then anyone can see it and view it. Private lists are just for you – I use them to make sure I don’t miss out on the posts that are important to me.

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