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Swimmingly fun on a Sunday afternoon with a family swim

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It’s not too often we get out up to the local swimming pool, but on Sundays, they have family swim which includes things such as floats and toys. It’s also worth saying, just at the beginning, that my daughter can swim great – we made sure she had lessons from the age of 5. She swims better than me.

Little Mr. though, well, he doesn’t swim and doesn’t like to wear armbands. To be honest, he doesn’t understand the danger and it’s quite a bit of work on our family swim sessions. He absolutely loves it though, so when we have some time, like today, we go and spend an hour there (the family session is only 1 hour long).

It’s also worth saying, that extra work has knackered me out. Just so you know, while I am writing this, some incomprehensible stuff may come out…

So, with a hey ho we went.

Well, not really. More like a clunk click and a vroom. Its only 10 minutes drive up the road, so nice and easy. It’s great when things such as swimming pools are so close. I remember, as a kid, having to go some way to my local pool – so, when we decided where we lived, we made sure there was plenty around.

There I go again, going off on a tangent. Kind of my specialty. The first thing we do, when we get there, is visit the cafe. That’s mainly because we get there around 30 minutes too early. A nice Mocha for me. Of course, my daughter has to have a slush – brain freeze time. Little Mr. loves to have a juice. It’s all in the details as they say.

The different thing about our local pool

Now, you may turn round to me and say – that’s just like our local pool. All swimming pools I have ever been to have a male and a female changing room. Many have a family changing room too. Our local pool only has a communal changing room for swimming. Now, this may be something more common that I know, but certainly, the other one I have visited near me has both male and female?

On the positive side, it’s about 5 steps from the changing room to the actual swimming pool. Quick access, certainly if need to pop to the loo. Its the coffee and then immersing yourself in warm water I tell you… Honest… Would I lie?

The reason I’m tired out

Kids love playing in the swimming pool and little Mr. is no different. As he has no danger awareness we have to keep hold of him. He’s a bit of a squirmy one. He loves jumping around, being pushed around on the floats, smashing and, most of all, trying to lick the water?

Its great fun and all kids are equal in water. The other great thing about our local pool is they are great catering for kids with disabilities. The SEN school my son goes to uses the same swimming pool for their swim days, as well as the local schools for their swimming lessons. We’re going to be using their disability swim lessons soon we think, see if they can help little Mr. learn the dangers of water as well as learning to swim. That is if the school doesn’t get to it first.

The reason I am tired out though is down to the fact, the kids had a whale of a time. Jumping, splashing. Swimming and playing with the floats. They loved it. I would say, a successful family session out. Sunday may have to become swim day.

Do you do family swim days? I’m sure many will say yes. Do your local pools do inflatable days, family only swims or anything else special? Why not tell us all about it by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Thanks for this Sean, it took me back to Sunday afternoon swimming with my Dad and Sister when I was a kid – the hot chocolate from the machine was always a mega treat!
    I’m sure in some ways swimming with the little mr must bring a whole new set of challenges for you, but by the sounds of it a lot of fun for all the family too

    1. Author

      He absolutely loves it, so does our daughter. Of course the chocolate out of the machine has to be bought.

      There again I remember those days too. Always a fantastic hour or two though tiring ?

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