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Spring In and Longer Days

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Bouncing bedtime fun

I wrote a post a few months ago called bouncing bedtimes or at least something to that nature. The funny thing was that the days were still shorter in length. As spring has come in (with summer close by) the days have gotten longer. Which means, kids look out the window and see light and don’t want to sleep.. This is certainly the routine we are in now

Late nights, early mornings

This for us means that its late nights that they actually go to sleep and early morning wakes (with grumpy kids). My son especially loves these days with more light. He is non-verbal but grabs hold of his backpack and shoes, hands them to you and pulls you to the door. It’s great that he loves to get out, but at 8 pm.. not always the best.

It’s great to get out

That said, its great to get out with them; give them something to do; burn off energy. He, my son, doesn’t like to play with many toys – through his interests in those have grown considerably in the past few months. He does love to get out on walks around country parks and the like though. So we do love summer where we can do that lots. Though, these are the last days during the school days we can do this as he starts school come September.

You may have remembered, or just read, my post on the subject of ECHP. Well, after pushing and pulling we managed to get that done, in and a school has been chosen, a SEN school. So we’re happy with that.

More to come

This post is really just a hi, I am still here really. I’ve, we’ve been busy of late so I’ve not had time to work or post on this site. I am hoping, though, to get more time to post and give details of fun over the summer. Also, to give details on things we find work so that others may be able to gather info from that too.

Here’s to a fun summer.

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