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Something I like to call ‘The learning process’

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This may sound quite daft really, I mean, we all learn regardless of if we have a disability or not. However, at times with little Mr. it seemed like he wasn’t really moving forward with his learning.

It wasn’t until we learned the learning process

It wasn’t until after the diagnosis AND the help from all the experts that we learned the learning process. You see, we were approaching little Mr. the same way we did with not so little Miss (his bigger sister). We only knew that way of parenting. What we didn’t know, is what we didn’t know about how to approach little Mr’s learning.

I can feel I’m almost going off on a tangent here. What I mean is, when it came to helping him learn, the first thing we had to learn was how to communicate. How to start that communication with him.

Now, I’ve talked before (at least I think I have) of the process we went through – i.e. the mirroring of things he did and so on. This was how we started to communicate. This progressed, but I don’t want to repeat that post.

The learning process was slow and it felt that we were not getting very far. Even to this date there are things that he still doesn’t really seem to understand, either that or he just doesn’t want to do them.

Preschool definitely helped

Moving forward quickly. Preschool came. During the first year, he did seem to start to have a little more understanding of the world and us and his environment. During the second year, with the work they did, we saw much more of an improvement.

He learned thing such as stacking blocks – so we would go into our kitchen and find a stack of soup tins – or tinned veg, in fact, anything tinned.

That brings me to today

That now brings me up to today. He finished preschool earlier this year, and if you’ve read my earlier posts you will know he goes to a SEN school. However, this post is about the learning process – well, in a brief overview.

See, today he is still non-verbal. However, our communication with him is the same as it is to his sister. We can say things such as ‘Lunchtime, at the table Mr.’ or ‘Bedtime’ and he understands this as any other child would.

Now, that’s not saying he understands everything we say. There are still things that illude him (or he just doesn’t want to do).

What I am trying to say, trying to give over is – there are times that you may feel the same. You may feel that you are getting nowhere. Times when you think you will never be able to communicate with your child.However, it is a learning process, both for you and them.

You need to learn how to communicate with them and eventually they will learn how to understand and communicate with you. Little Mr. is still non-verbal, and we don’t know if he will ever talk. However, he knows how to ask for what he want’s – he either brings you an item (such as a cup) or takes you to where he knows the item is. Communication.

Its all about ‘The Learning Process’. On that, our next level has been to start learning sign along.. but that’s some time away yet we feel.

What about you, do you have any story you would like to share? Why not leave a comment below and start a conversation – I would love that.

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