Sleepless on Thursday

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Lack of sleep update!!! Just imagine an alarm and voice over the speaker.

I’ve written before about the bad sleep patterns that my son, little Mr has, but you’ll probably see more posts as this happens I like to give personal updates.

For those that go through this too or worse, it’s really tough. You may also see that in my post as tiredness can produce waffle and mistakes.

Wednesday night was early to bed

Little Mr was early to sleep. Normally we put him into bed at around 7.30pm and he plays, jumps, moans and so on till after 10pm. Last night he was asleep by 8.30.

I should have known the storm was brewing ?

It’s was 2am when he came into our room all smiles and full of energy. We tried putting him back to bed, but one failed attempt, so I him downstairs so that he wouldn’t wake up one of our neighbours trying to get their sleep.

I’m kind of use to the process now. We go down stairs. I leave the lights off with the hope of him settling. But generally it’s a run round and round until eventually he sits, then lies down on the sofa.

This takes as long as it takes, this morning was  2.5 hours. It’s got slightly better though. A couple of years ago he would cry till put TV on. These days he seems to accept that it’s night time, so no TV.

Anyhow, 4.30am sleep. Put back to bed. 5am wakes up again. Damn. This time though it’s leave on bed. 5.30am and sleep again. Ya! I get 1.5 hours sleep.

3 and a bit hours of sleep for a night is never good.

Today it’s all about the caffeine

Coffee is my friend. Energy drinks are my friend. I’m sure a few of you are nodding with me on that one.

Personal journal over. Sleep to commence in t-minus 12 hours.


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