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Sleeping in not optional

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Sometimes I think it is…

Well, not me per say, but I do think my son thinks that. He tends to not go to sleep till late and then wake up nice and early. With the odd time from here and there waking up in the middle of the night.

It used to be so different

It’s only really the last year or so that his sleeping pattern has changed. That said, the previous sleeping pattern was not good either. He used to go to sleep around 7 pm and then wake up about 3 am for a few hours. This would mean I got dragged downstairs.

These days though, it’s more like sleep around 10:30 pm with a 7 am wake up. We know this as I am now keeping a sleep diary.

What to do, what to do

I know that, in some cases, you can get Melatonin supplements to help, though I think this has to be prescribed for younger kids. Not sure. Though there are things they suggest, each different.

For example. Nothing with blue light – so things like TV or electronics for least an hour before bed… Not working.

Another was to get all his hyper energy out for about 30 mins. Not helped. Making it calm before bed. Not worked.

I think we just have to go with the fact that he sleeps late and wakes up early. That said, many do in my family.

Sleep is not optional

Sleep is certainly not. I think it’s just a matter of getting it where I can. Hope, in the loo at work.. wherever I can get where not disturbed.

Do you have the same problems? I know it’s quite common. so why not leave a comment below and tell me your stories and potential solutions.

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