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Second lesson for sign along

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So, this week we attended our second session/lesson for sign along basics. You may have read my post last week on our first less, though if not I just linked it.

Last week I talked a little about how we have progressed with our communication with little Mr. and why it was important to use to use any communication methods that were available to us. Which is why we wanted to do sign along. As well as the fact that his school, which is where we are learning, would be using this and so we wanted to be consistent.

So, how did it go?

Again, today was another enjoyable lesson for us. the one that that does surprise me is, that, we are the only parents doing this at the moment. Everyone else, and it is a full class, by the way, is a teacher with one or another school.

As I was saying, must fight not to go on a tangent, it was an enjoyable lesson. We went into a few more words, some would say harder to learn words in regards to signs. Surprisingly though, they seemed to sink in easier this week. This includes those we did last week, which seemed a little harder.

It could be the fact that we have already started to this on how to do these. Last week, it felt a little alien (I am presuming that any alien lifeforms language would be much harder – especially if they don’t have oxygen??) to us speaking and doing these sign along motions. This week though, having already done it once, it felt a little more natural. We have also tried to use some already with little Mr. over the past week, so we have been practicing to some extent.

Can’t wait till next lesson

We enjoyed it so much that we can’t wait till next weeks lesson. That said, that is the last lesson in this beginners course. So we will be left to practice on our own. We did buy the book though.

To anyone thinking of trying it, just do so. For those that have learned Makaton – it is similar as we were told. Just some different words and signs.

Look out for next weeks post and if you’ve learned or are thinking of learning they why not leave a comment below.


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