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Review my top 3 things to achieve for week #1

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So, this week I set myself the following 3 things to achieve

  1. Start to use new posting schedule for the blog
  2. To get better understanding of SerpStat.com
  3. Productivity tool hunt

So, let me get down to reviewing how I have achieved against these goals.

1. Start to use new posting schedule for the blog

So I have to say that this has been achieved. I started the schedule on Monday with setting these achievements and today is the end of the first week. I’ve posted every day to the schedule and I have already created a number for the coming week. So, thats number one; tick.

2. To get a better understanding of SerpStat.com

So, my second goal for this week was to get an understanding of SerpStat. SerpStat is a site that gives you statistics on website URL’s, keywords and a whole lot more.

You can gather info on your own site backlinks and keywords, or you can grab info on a competitor backlinks, keywords and so on.

The reason for this goal was that I got a lifetime membership deal. Now, there are many other similar and more popular sites; but they are costly. To get this on the fantastic deal meant that, if good, I was getting something that was going to help and give me loads of info.

I have to say that, having tested it, the data seems to match the free samples of these other big name sites. This filled me with confidence in the tool.  I spent some time over the week playing around with this tool and I have to say, I now have a much better understanding of the tool and what it can give me. I’d say, tick to that achievement.

That’s two for two.

3. Productivity tool hunt

So, the final thing on my list was to search for tools to help my productivity. On the search to find tools and achieve this goal I have been playing with two tools.

The first one is called Alfred on the Mac. This tool is kind of like the Spotlight tool but has more functionality; least that how I would describe it having used it for a week. What it allows me to do is type something into it and it will search the Mac, web and so on. I can see how this tool could improve my productivity, though its not something I would use all the time.

The other tool I’ve been playing around with is Editorial Calendar tool in WordPress. This tool allows me to plan my posts in advance. I have found that, having used and installed it, I use that to actually create my posts now. Instead of going to the Add New menu option, I goto Calendar. Choose the date and click new. I can honestly say, it has sped up my post creation. I can create on the date I want it to go live. I can select posts on days, edit them, move them around and so on.

My productivity has improved and thanks to these tools. I’m not finished yet. I still want more tools that help with productivity but I can say that I have achieved this goal; or partly if nothing else.

So, did I achieve this weeks goals?

Yes. I have. I think. At least, to the level I wanted too. I have my new schedule in place, I am getting statistics and my productivity has improved. I’d say that was a successful week.

Did you have any goals for this week? If so, why not drop a note below telling us how you achieved against them.


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    1. Author

      I’m really surprised how much I use it even though only been installed for a week. All my posts I start and edit from it now. So much easier to see it all

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