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Review my top 3 things to achieve for week #5

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So, its that time of the week again. At the beginning of this week, I set myself 3 goals. 3 goals to achieve by the end of the week and today its time to evaluate how I did.

So, this week I set myself the following goals:

  1. Complete my current 30-day posts for November challenge
  2. Review how the 5 weeks of my schedule have gone and change where needed
  3. Figure/Fine new domain name for a second blog site I want to create

Let’s take a look at this and see how I achieved against them

1. Complete my current 30-day posts for November challenge

Well, all I can say for this one is that I completed it 🙂

So, I posted every day through the whole of November using this new schedule. What it has allowed me to do is run for 5 weeks using the schedule of posts, to see how it has performed – while also allowing me still to post my 1-2 usual posts each week on the subjects around life and autism.

So, it’s great to see that the, potentially last, post of this schedule sees the first task a success.

2. Review how the 5 weeks of my schedule have gone and change where needed

So I’ve only just started to do this as the 5th week only ends with this post. I will be spending more time over this coming week evaluating and then writing a post on my findings.

What I did get to do was try some very diverse list of posts to see what people like and what they don’t. So, look out for my findings in a post soon.

3. Figure/Fine new domain name for a second blog site I want to create

I’d love to turn round in this post and say that this one was a success. To be honest, I need to look more, mainly because I want to make sure I get the best one for what I want to talk about.

I also want to progress on an affiliate training course I am doing which needs me to figure out another domain… so that’s two I need to find.

When I have one I will be dropping on this site.

So, in conclusion

I’ve enjoyed these last 5 weeks. I believe a schedule really helps but posting every day can be difficult.

I hope you’ve enjoyed me sharing my goals and it may be something I carry forward in the future? If you’ve like it too, why not drop me a chat below to let me know.

I recently came across the following quote

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

This is my new goal in life. Not to conform to be normal, but to be amazing and I hope to inspire you to be amazing too.

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