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Review my top 3 things to achieve for week #4

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So, its that time of the week again. At the beginning of this week, I set myself 3 goals. 3 goals to achieve by the end of the week and today its time to evaluate how I did.

So, this week I set myself the following goals:

  1. Setup an affiliate sales site using Amazon, a domain I already have and a new plugin I purchased
  2. Create and post a picture of the week post
  3. Look at starting a new podcast

Let’s take a look at this and see how I achieved against them

1. Setup an affiliate sales site using Amazon

So, this week I wanted to extend the things I learned last week, including the lovely WordPress plugin I had acquitted. I wanted to set up an Amazon affiliate site and leave it on a kind of autopilot.

Well, this goal I can say I have achieved. In fact, I set up 2 new sites and added some links on autopilot on a third (I have a freebie site – this links in free kindle books). These have only been running this week, one of them only 2 days, but I can honestly say that it was a great learning experience.

I’m now evaluating how they are going.

2. Create and post a picture of the week post

This second goal I did not do too well on. So, I have many many unedited images, so you thought it would be easy to do. It really came down to time. I’ve been running low on time this week and so not had time to go through the images and pick out one.

That said, this goal is being carried over an logged in my nice Mac App for tasks to achieve. It will be on my timeline and I hope to achieve it. It could be the this starts after my month of posts with this schedule, let’s see.

3. Look at starting a new podcast

Another great goal, but yet another one that I have not achieved again this week. Now, I know all the technical stuff I need to achieve to do this; I previously had a podcast. So, its more down to the lack of time to write down some ideas, do a little scripting, do the audio, etc.

This, again, is one of those tasks that is going down on my task list. I think this is a great media, still underused when you compare it to others, and so I think I want to get involved in it again.

So, did I achieve this week’s goals?

So, you can guess from the above that its a 33% (well, 33.333333…) success rate this week. I only managed to achieve one of the three goals I set. Holding myself accountable is really helping me focus my time where it should be, so I hope to do better. For those I have not achieved this week, they are going to be in the longer plan. So, keep an eye out for future posts.

Did you have any goals for this week? If so, why not drop a note below telling us how you achieved against them

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