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Review my top 3 things to achieve for week #3

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So, this week I set myself the following 3 things to achieve

  1. Review post so far and see what posts are working
  2. Take time out to think if I should add a picture of the week post
  3. Seek out a guest post spot

So, let me get down to reviewing how I have achieved on these goals.

1. Review post so far and see what posts are working

I did start to take a look at the numbers on this one. I started to take a look at the hits, I use a plugin that records the number of hits post get, and I started to try and figure out a trend of what posts work best our of my new schedule and format.

I did notice one thing, over the past week, well 2 if you could this one now, the recorded hits per post have gone down. Now, I’m not sure if that is anything to do with this schedule, I’m not sure if its something to do with the plugin, but I can say that it did not help me in any way identify which are the better format posts. It seems that all posts, both before last week and including last week and this, have a pretty average number of hits. I think that this is going to be something I come back to each week, see if I can evaluate more data.

This schedule is something I am trying out through November, so it may be that I continue, then evaluate them. Needless to say, this goal was only partly achieved due to not having the data and is in the ‘to be continued’ bucket.

2. Take time out to think if I should add a picture of the week post

When I say ‘take time out’, in reality, it didn’t take too much time. I think the answer is yes, I need to add a weekly post where I do a picture of the week. This can start off as just my own work, but I would like to have people reach out to me and maybe share their work? Of course, that is a thing of the future.

For now, I think I am just going to have a post one a set day (not sure which one yet) which is a picture of the week. I just have to remember to take my camera out now with me.

3. Seek out a guest post spot

So, this is something I have been thinking about for a while. I even had some contact a month or so ago and sent off a first draft of a post, though I never did hear back from it? The idea is for me to work with other blogs and write a post or two; partly for some promotions but also so that I can share and give back.

So, I have to say that this objective is a work in progress. I haven’t really progressed, though I have been keeping my eyes peeled. I’m sure, with a little more pestering emails, that something will come of it. Of course, if I do get to guest post I will be plugging it here.

So, did I achieve this week’s goals?

You can probably guess that I’m going to say no, not 100% 🙂 . That’s a given really. For a start, I’m still seeking out guest post spots. I think I have made some good progress on these objectives though. I know what I have done and what I need to do, so these were definitely great objectives to try and complete.

Just keep an eye out for future posts on these… I’m certain it not the last to hear of these.

Did you have any goals for this week? If so, why not drop a note below telling us how you achieved against them

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