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Review my top 3 things to achieve for week #2

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So, this week I set myself the following 3 things to achieve

  1. To review how blog award nominations happen
  2. Try to add a little comedy to my posts
  3. Look at apps outside of WordPress to help plan my goals

So, let me get down to reviewing how I have achieved on these goals.

1. To review how blog award nominations happen

So, I started to try and follow and look at some of these blog awards. There are quite a few out there and it can get a little confusing. I saw some that say they have been put forward for an award and they have to nominate someone else, name 10 other blogs and so on.

This task is still a bit of a work in progress. I think, in reality, it’s going to come down to being recognized as a blogger. I’m not sure if you need others to nominate you or put yourself forward, it may be a combination of both depending on the award.

So, this task is still ongoing, it’s certainly not completed, but I have made a little headway with it.

2. Try to add a little comedy to my posts

I could do better kind of summarised my accomplishment on this one. I do like to think I add some humor – but humor has its place and I haven’t really written anything humorous this week. That said, I think twitter is certainly a place when I let loose on my funny side. Maybe I need to bring this side over.

Again, like task 1, this is still a work in progress – so look to the future and try and find the funny bone in me.

3. Look at apps outside of WordPress to help plan my goals

So, with the first two tasks being a work in progress, I’m glad I can actually say that I have achieved something. Well, that said, there is still more I can do and find.

This week I have purchased, on a deal, I may add, 2 nice apps. The first is called ‘Informant’ which is an app on the Mac (well, you can also get it on both iPhone and Android). Informant is an application that brings together the calendar and tasks as well as allowing you to also create projects. You can set timelines, schedule tasks, add to projects, add notes to them and all other great stuff.

I’m still learning this application but already love it, especially the natural language (So, type something like ‘setup meeting next Thursday at9am to talk to Fred’). There are other calendar apps out there, but its the fact that this application brings together calendar and tasks as well as adding projects and notes that make it so useful to me.

The second application I purchased is something called Freeter Pro. Now, there is a free version of Freeter for those that want to try it out. Again, I am still learning all I can do with this, but to sum up what I know at the moment, it allows me to setup taskbar/pages that contain tools and widgets that speed up my productivity. I can put everything in one place.

Both these apps have already improved my productivity, though only slightly at the moment as I am still learning about them. More on them in the future as well as any other apps I find and use.

So, did I achieve this week’s goals?

Not 100%. I did manage to complete, I think, one of them (task 3 in case you wondered) but the other two are still a work in progress. The good thing is, I have held myself accountable which means I know what I need to do and improve on. That in itself will help my growth. Now, its to continue this journey forward.

Did you have any goals for this week? If so, why not drop a note below telling us how you achieved against them

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