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Return of ‘The A Word’

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This week saw the return if a second series of The A Word. Last year we watched the series as they found out and battled with the diagnosis of their son with autism.

At that time it was around a year and a half after getting our sons diagnosis, and so it interested us how they were going to portray it.

I have to say, we did find it interesting and enjoyed watching it. Though you have to remember that it is a TV show, it is trying to portray a reality, a reality many of us live, and so it’s easy to pick holes in plots, acting and so on. So, we watch it with a point of not picking holes, just as entertainment that we can relate a little too.

We watched Atypical recently too

So I have to say that this new second series that we have just started to watch comes not too long after we watched Atypical on Netflix.

Again, if you have not watched this show, it center’s around an older teenager that has autism. I have to say that, so far, if I were to pick between this and The A Word, I can relate more towards the later of the two. Mainly because Atypical seems to have taken all the well-known traits of autism and put them into this character.

It may also be that The A Word is seen more from the parents and family view.

If I were to suggest one thing

If I were to say one thing, one criticism. I must also say that I have seen this criticism before. All these shows, these TV series seem to concentrate on high functioning ASD diagnosed children. For example. All of them seem to be able to talk, dress themselves, go to the toilet and all that.

What is missing is the true struggles that a family face with not so high functioning. Non-verbal, delayed learning and other issues we can face daily. I would love to see a show more centered around this, show the true day to day struggles of parents. For example, the bedtime routine. Trying to get your child to sleep or to sleep through the night. Figuring out what foods they eat, getting them to eat. All those types of things. The real stuff that parents with all kids have to figure through.

How about you? Would you want a show like that? If so, why not comment below on what you would like to see.

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