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Reflecting on the 30 day blog challenge

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So, some of you may know that over the past 30 days I have been doing the 30-day blog challenge. Although it probably doesn’t need any introduction (I think the names says it all) but for anyone that may be wandering; it involves posting a blog post every day for 30 days – with some other challenges in there too such as looking at your contact page and other stuff (I like the word stuff).

So, why did I start?

Going back to the beginning, why did I start this challenge. Well, I had heard about the 30-day blog challenge ebook  (that’s an Amazon affiliate link by the way) and though

I can do that…

Well, I did as this is post 30. The thing is though, I wanted to do it as I wanted to learn and improve. I wanted to move beyond the 1 or 2 posts a week where I only just slightly flex my blog writing muscles, I wanted to use this as a kind of power-lifting exercise to really give them a challenge.

However, I won’t say it hasn’t been a struggle at times, but I will say I have learned loads since doing it. Through doing this challenge I first learned I can write every day for 30 days. I can write a post that is good enough to go out; with the caveat that at some point I can go back and make alterations. The other things I learned is that I won’t be writing 7 days a week moving forward.

What will be my schedule then?

So, the plan is to try and write 2 posts a week. During this blog challenge, I have written about anything and everything. I don’t have a business, this isn’t a business blog, and so I’ve written about personal things, things I have been doing, subjects that interest me and others on Autism (one of the things I wanted to talk about on this blog).

What I want to do now, is, still, use the techniques I have learned through this challenge but also have the luxury to have a few more days to research and write, edit and produce the post. Often through the 30 days of this challenge, I’ve written the post in one session the day before it went live. I had limited time for researching and released something that was good enough.

However, I want to now spend that little more time in research, editing and so on. Use the tools I have learned and just release content that, I hope, will be more engaging.

That said…

That said, one of the things I have toyed with, as an idea, is doing a daily post where it is a small, kind of like dairy entry. Something about my day. Now, at the moment a lot of that would revolve around ‘I went to work… dada’, but I am sure I can pick out small sweet nuggets and post them.

What I don’t want to do is make it all about what I had today for me tea.. What I do want to do, if I did this, was give relevant info. So this may happen, I’m not sure. But I have learned I can do it every day if I wanted to.

And so I reflect on the challenge

So, I see here reflecting back. This blog challenge has helped me to learn, has given me more confidence, has pushed me to create posts which have keywords, has pushed me to look at other things on my site to change such as the contact page, plus lots more… I won’t give it all away as I would certainly say everyone should look at doing it…

And I would certainly suggest anyone doing this blog challenge. If you’re looking to improve and challenge yourself, then why not check it out. You could become a blogging machine 🙂

By the way, this is my own personal opinion. I don’t have any affiliation with those who created this challenge, I just feel that its a worthwhile things to do in my opinion.

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  1. I have been doing #Blogtober17 which is similar. It will mean I have posted every day for a month. I have seen my readers increase and I have written about other things, Not just early years and play.i am off to read more of your posts now xx

    1. Author

      Yes it’s amazing how can keep writing too. Today is first day not put a post up, though I did write and release the first half of a new page with story on. So still writing.

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