Reflecting On 2019

Reflecting On 2019

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As I sit here, in front of my iPad on New Years Eve evening 2019, I’m reflecting back on the year.

Changes this year

This year has certainly had its changes. I’ve had 3 jobs. I was made redundant from a job I was in for 6 years, started at a new company but after 3 months found it wasn’t for me. Then started the 3rd at the beginning of November.

Little Mr had had some changes, with his growth and changing class for the new year.

We looked at secondary schools for not so little Miss as well as helping her practice to take the Grammar test (she passed).

Along with all the regular stuff we generally have in our life being a ASD family.

It’s amazing how much more preparation we have to do as well as not being able to do the simple things these days.

So it’s been a busy year

So, it has been quite a busy year with all this going on. Amazingly, it has also been quite a quick year.

It may be because of all the things that have happened but it doesn’t seem like a year has passed.

That said, with all the changes in work I probably spent almost 2 months between jobs – mainly because the 2nd job I had wanted me to wait an entire month to start???

I’m hoping for a more stable next year to be honest.

I have my doubts on this, due to not so little Miss changing school next September as she starts secondary; but I can hope.

One thing I do want to remedy

The one thing I do want to fix in 2020 is my social media and blogging. This year it kind of took a back step.

With all the changes, challenges and so on, I never really got to blog too much.

What I am doing, to change this, is remove some of the blogs I started as tests and let them go. I want to concentrate on my main sites – this being one. As well as my site. This later is where I blog more general stuff – plus tech stuff around development and so forth.

I really want to try and concentrate/focus on getting my sharing and chatting back up to speed.

Giving back

I am also going to start sharing some tools I have in development.

Over the past year or two I have tested out some SEO tools. Tools that you have to pay a subscription too. Tools that do specific things.

I’m going to be using my new found ASP.NET skills (I moved back into doing actual development, away from more managing development) and produce tools that will, for me, replace these subscription tools.

These tools I am writing for myself to use, to save me paying out $30 here and $30 there for similar tools. Tools that maybe more polished – but that is something I will be building on.

The bonus is that I will be putting these tools up for free use. When created I will be putting them up on a new site for anyone to use.

Now, the initial release (when I can complete this first tool) will be a single tool. I can only work on one at a time. However, I hope to put together a few through next year.

This is a personal project I want to add to my new commitment of blogging.

I will probably include any updates on my personal site but also on this new site. Posts to keep everyone updated.

So my 2020 is going to be full

So, as you can imagine. I expect to do a lot in 2020 and I hope to not over commit. The minimum for me is to return to blogging more and to release the first of the tools.

More will follow though – in those new blog posts.

But, until then. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve and New Year.

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