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The problem with family days out

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I don’t want this to sound negative

It’s not a negative as family days out are fun. However, Little Mr. (who I often refer to as no. 2) doesn’t like just standing around and also, often, wants to be picked up during some walking.

This doesn’t stop us having fun, but often leads to one of us taking our daughter and doing something and the other taking our son. I bet, many of you with a child who has ASD and another neurotypical child have the same problems.

That said, I hate labelling our kids like that, and to be fair our daughter is being monitored for possible ADHD with traits of Autism.

A day out crabbing

Now. I won’t detail this bit as I have another wonderful post to to finish later on this subject and day out, but its a typical example.

Yesterday, while my daughter and wife were standing around an doing that, me and my son were walking up and down the beach, climbing rocks, playing in the park, in the car listening to.some music.

We did a hundred and one things, well, maybe 6. However, you maybe thinking

That’s me too

At the end of the day, its still fantastic family time. Its still getting.out if the house. Its still enjoying the outdoors.

Do you have similar stories? If so, why not tell us about them in the comments below.

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