Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

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Today, little Mr started one on one private swimming lessions. Well, I say private but they were in a public swimming pool.

The thing is, he loves water. He loves playing in water. Give him some inflatable arm bands and he’s off – when we were on holiday he was in and out of the deep end – though always with us along side him.

He loves water – which could also prove to be a problem later in life (or sooner) if he ever tries to go into a pool or similar without knowing how to swim.

It’s a tricky situation. He doesn’t really, at this point in his life, learn well so we needed to go private one on one lessons with someone who is qualified to teach special need kiddies.

Not so expensive after all

The great thing is, because we have an active leisure card from our local council that is for kids with special needs, we get it at a reduce cost. So much so, it around about matches what we used to pay for my daughters lessons.

We do have to pay parking there though, unlike where my daughter learnt. Even so, it costs us just over £6 a lesson with the parking cost added. Such a bargain.

You hear of private lessions costing £20 plus, which would be difficult for us to afford. However, at that cost we can happily keep taking him to something he is going to enjoy AND something that is an important life lession. 

After all, about 71% of the earth is covered in water so its not as if you don’t get exposed to it at some point or another.

This started me researching some other water based ideas

So, once we found that the cost of swimming lessons was just a bargain, this really started me thinking and researching on some other water-based thing we’ve been thinking about for a little while.

Little Mr loves water, and we’ve had paddling pools. However, one thing we have contemplated is getting an Inflatable Hot Tub. Thing is, they are a pool we can relax in with the added sensory of bubbles. 

See, last time we were at the swimming pool little Mr found a place where the jet of water was coming out of. Once he found that he found it fascinating and kept going back. So sitting in a hot tub with bubbles going I think he would get some fantastic sensory feedback from.

The other reason is that they are fairly reasonable in price too – we’re not talking thousands of pounds, just a few, three or four hundred of. Again, sounds expensive and extravigant – but its all about sensory for little Mr so we know he would love it.

It’s just a thought at the moment though as summer is a little off and that is when we would look to get and use one.

Can I ask, if anyone has owned or tried an inflatable hot tub – maybe you can leave you experience below. At the moment its thoughts and research, with the idea of making it reality if it fits with out needs and space.

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