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Postcasts I am listening to for January 2018

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A few years ago I used to listen to a few great podcasts. Back then it was more around techie podcast listing on things such as Linux, etc. I listened avidly to one or two.

I even had my own small podcast, based on general technology, though I phased out on listening to podcasts as well as producing.

New year, new podcasts

So I recently got re-bitten by the podcast bug. I was listening to an audiobook from Problogger and decided to check out the podcast. I got really excited because just before Christmas they started featuring a 10 day set of podcasts from successful people in the blogosphere.

They were giving their stories of how they started and so on. The bug really got me then. I added a few more to the list and are now up to, currently, 6 in my playlist.

Some of these have been around for some time so there is no chance of me having all the time to catch up on all of them – though I may dip into an episode or two.

So, what is in my playlist

Each of these in my current list serve an interest I have. They go mostly around blogging and most of them are still producing, there is only 1 in the list that I think hasn’t had any new episodes for some time – that’s more for listing to back episodes.

So, currently, my podcast list is:

  • I Teach Blogging
  • The Lion Zeal Show
  • Become A ProBlogger
  • Talking About Business
  • The Blog Milli0naire
  • Smart Passive Income

This order is just the order in my podcast software, currently, I am enjoying the ProBlogger and The Blog Millionaire the most – though I have only just added the Lion Zeal Show and I found the first episode very interesting.

That’s my January list

So, that’s my current, January podcast list. I will do an update each month on what I am listening too and let you know what I am enjoying.

If any of these sound interesting to you, then why not go check them out yourself. Also, if you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment below. I would love to check out any new podcasts you suggest.

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