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Photo Of The Week – Under Natures Canopy

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I love taking and sharing photo’s. I love posting them on Tumblr and Instagram. I love sharing visually really as I think images bring pleasure. So, each week from now on I am going to try and share a photo I have taken, that week ideally or one that I have recently loaded into my Lightroom and brought to life.

Canopy of nature

This weeks image is one I took a couple of weeks ago – but I have only really got round to looking at today. I initially took a look and found it to be slightly out of focus – the light was not so great. However, with a tweak here and a thought there – I think it turned out quite nice.

Which is why it’s my photo of the week…

Look out for more soon

I’m constantly taking photos and editing them. I hope to bring you one a week – maybe it should be named my Instagram photo of the week 🙂

Whatever it will be called, check back each week for a new image to view and rate. Why not leave me a comment below on this image?

Also, any tips or ideas for photos, please let me know in the comments too…

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