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The Hyper Boy Meltdown

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Many people think of a meltdown as a child on the floor, shouting, crying, stamping and banging. However, from time to time we deal with a slightly different type of meltdown. This we like to call the hyper boy meltdown. What Is The Hyper Boy Meltdown? Quite simply put, little …

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Photographing A Child With Autism

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I love to take photos. It’s a true statement as I love to record life through the lens. As part of this recording of life I like to record my own children growing up, having adventures and enjoying the places we visit. When photographing landscape, it’s easy as it does …

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Personal Space And Autism

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So, let me begin by saying this is not a rant, this is to say that people were doing wrong in their eyes and heart. This is more about educating people about the personal space of people with Autism, as well as anyone in general. Let’s face it, ASD diagnosed or …