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The No.1 Diagnosis

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Since our daughter, or No.1 as we call here, has been young we always thought that there were things she did that were not things other children of her age were doing. She often was like the ball in a pinball machine, running here and there.

Fast forward 8 years

Over the time there have been times we asked the doctor for help on issues, such as bad sleeping patterns.

After our son, No.2 was diagnosed with ASD 2 and half years ago we have raised concerns again and again. So, around 6 months ago I went to our local doctors and said I wanted to have an appointment with a paediatrician that has more experience in things such as ASD, ADHD and sensory.

Today was the day

Today was the day of our appointment. It took a few months to come through but we did get one. We went along with No.1 and No.2. Explained the reason, i.e. that we have ASD and ADHD quite a bit in the family.

The doctor spoke to us, spoke to our daughter. We had about 45 minutes. In the end, it wasn’t the end. Apparently, she has ASD traits. A number of them, though at this moment not to the level of an ASD diagnosis.

Thoughts are around sensory input and ticks. As there is a probability of sensory, this potential could mean ADHD. This is the things, at the moment there is not enough data.

So, the answer is – let’s come back in 6 months… Well, it’s a little more than that. There are forms being sent to the school, we have to take notes and we see. The problem is that she is so bright, in that, she has excelled marks in all categories. This makes it difficult, often bright children fall through the crack she said. Also, with girls, with ASD, they are harder to diagnose as they can mask with mimic – something I already knew about.

One thing I didn’t know though

One thing I did learn from the doctor today. She said that ticks in boys are common for ASD but in girls, it tends to be sensory and/or ADHD. Learn something new each time.

So, moving forward, it’s time for a different approach. More now and next with limits set. Amazing how the past 2 years of working with our son are going to help us move forward with our daughter.

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